1st Texas Tech Indoor of 2011

Sunday, January 9th
warm up drills + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills + 3M warm up
4 x 1M (60-90" recovery), 6 x 30" surges on treadmill @ 1%
So thankful for treadmills!! Planned on a 3M tempo and 1M hard today, but the weather didn't quite allow for that. Ended up with 4M at 6:11, 6:03, 6:03, 5:56 respectively. Surges ranged from 5:10 to 5:40 pace.
[2 x 30" H-Core routine]

Monday, January 10th
Jay Johnson's myrtyl & back routine
30' stationary bike + 30' elliptical
lower body & upper body strength
[30' double] Stuck to the elliptical for this one!

Tuesday, January 11th
morning HR: 47
warm up drills + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills + 3M warm up
12 x 400 @ 5k goal pace (60" recovery) Ran them at 5:39 pace on the treadmill. First few were more of a "wake up" to the legs, but after that it felt very comfortable... never really struggled with breathing, etc. Definitely pain in the right hip/glute and left achilles though. Finished up with stretches, heating, and an ice bath.. no cool down today.
[30' double] Went to the pool to get in some swimming/ aqua jogging for today's double.
*chiro treatment & advil all day*

Wednesday, January 12th
30' aqua jog (followed by heating pads & an ice bath)
[30' aqua jog] (followed by heating pads & ice bath)
*advil all day*

Thursday, January 13th
morning HR: 47
[30' AM aqua jog double] (followed by heating pads & ice bath)
5k easy
warm up drills
4 x 100m strides (followed by heating pads & ice bath)
*chiro treatment & advil all day*

Friday, January 14th
3M warm up + warm up drills + light jog + strides
5k race -- 18:44 with splits of 88,87,88,86,88,89,90,90,91,91,93,93. Not at all what we wanted or expected. Very rough race as far as pacing goes. My lungs and arms were strong and I felt like I could think very clearly, but my legs felt weak muscularly towards the end. 5k is a lot longer than I remember it being as well?!

Saturday, January 15th

total number of runs: 4
total mileage: about 24M running, 15M cross training  (39 total)

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