Travel to Brazil.

The next 12 days or so will be shaky in terms of training. Although, as I mentioned at the end of last week's log, I really don't feel like I'm training right now. I feel more like I'm just trying to live a decently healthy/ active lifestyle off of these 20'-30' easy runs. It's been frustrating. I want to be fit and fast when we get to NY for the National Championships in July. It's all in God's hands...

Sunday, May 29th
wu drills + 30' natural on the grass fields at the soccer complex. It was a very windy morning but other than that, not a bad run. Just wish it were longer. Much longer. Or at least had some surges in it.
30' natural run on at the complex again. Two pretty good runs today. A couple weeks of this and maybe I'll be fully healthy and back into normal training.

Monday, May 30th
50' natural on the grass at Norbuck Park in Dallas. Felt pretty tired today, which meant "natural" was a bit more like a shuffle for the first half of the run.  Definitely thankful to get in the extra minutes before this trip though.

Tuesday, May 31st
off... full night/ day of travel.

Wednesday, June 1st
40' bike + core + strength

Thursday, June 2nd
60' bike + core

Friday, June 3rd
Off... Jake was sick and I couldn't get to the fitness facilities alone.

Saturday, June 4th
20' bike + core + strength.
30' easy run on treadmill PM.

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