Another welcomed down week! (37M)

The running vacation Jake and I took last week was not as successful as we had planned... at least not for running purposes. I was abnormally fatigued all week and started to deal with a headache and upset stomach about midway through. No complaints, though, because I still got to spend a relaxing week with my husband, see some family, and run on nice trails. I may not have had any impressive or noteworthy runs, but I at least got a chance to get out of my usual routine!

My brilliant husband already had this week planned as a down week, which works wonderfully considering how I've been feeling! I'll still have the same quality workouts and same long run as usual, but we're adding an extra rest day and decreasing mileage on my easy runs. I'm going to soak in the rest this week so that I'm ready to go to battle next week! I'm at the 14 week mark, so it's time to start getting serious about racing in November!!

Sunday, July 29th
6M very relaxed on the treadmill + light core and strength session
COMMENTS: After a last minute change of mind this morning, Jake and I opted to push our runs off until the afternoon. I knocked out 2 and a half hours of lawn work in the morning and then got my run in on the treadmill this evening. I felt much better today than I've been feeling (granted I started at 9:13 pace for the first mile!!), but I'm hoping the drastically easier run will make me feel better the rest of this week. :) I'm still battling a headache, stomachache, and fatigue, but no feet problems so I'm all smiles! :)

Monday, July 30th
rest day
*Finally got my blood work done and an MRI has been set up for Thursday! Maybe we'll start getting some answers soon!!! Yay!

Tuesday, July 31st
4M easy run + 2M on the track with 2x300/300, 5x200/200
COMMENTS: Ran with Hanna and Jake for this workout... Always nice to have company on these days! :) I still felt poorly on today's run (our last mile in warm up was 7:44 pace I felt like we were working!!); but, this is the third workout I've gotten in while feeling so bad, which encourages me because that means nothing is so wrong that I'm doing myself a disservice by continuing with the training! Total 2 miles today were in 13:19 with hard segments of 59, 58, 39, 38, 37, 36, 36.

Wednesday, August 1st
rest day

Thursday, August 2nd
10M run through the neighborhood in 75:35 (7:33 AP)
Weights in the PM
COMMENTS: I felt terrible again when I first started (as in I almost called the run off at mile 2), but I actually ended up feeling much better as the run went along. It was VERY windy and humid out today and this was my first run using the hills in a while - we'll see how I feel tomorrow. :) Mile splits were 8:47, 8:05, 8:08, 7:45, 7:30, 7:29, 7:07, 7:07, 6:51, 6:49.

Friday, August 3rd
43' very relaxed run in the boy scout camp + 8 x 30", 30" strides
COMMENTS: I felt absolutely terrible yet again, haha. No surprise, though. :) I'm going to have to just grit through it for another couple of weeks, I know my body will adjust eventually. I'm just thankful to not have any injuries! Special thanks to Jake for keeping me company this morning!

Saturday, August 4th
2M warm up + 5 x Alt Pace (2M @ 6:30, 2M @ 6:15, 1M @ 6:00; 7:30 pace miles in between)
COMMENTS: Another rotten feeling run, but WE DID IT!! I seriously almost dropped out of this workout several times... starting in the first mile!! :) It's not that I don't want to "hurt" because I'm not physically hurting on these workouts; I just feel SO heavy and weak. It's as though I can't move my arms any faster or pick up my knees any higher. Hopefully I'll pull out of this funk in another week or so. Times for today were 6:29, 6:24, 7:38, 6:19, 6:10, 7:40, 5:55 (6:39 AP). Special thanks to Jake and Katie for pushing me!! :)

Total Weekly Mileage: 37

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