It's the week of giving thanks! (19M)

Sunday, November 18th
rest day. 2 sets of push ups, bicycle kicks, superman, 60" dynamic plank

Monday, November 19th
20' HIIT bike + 2 x strength circuit before work
4M: 2M easy, 2M progressive during lunch
dry needle session after work
COMMENTS: Almost stopped before I finished the first mile today as I had a lot of pain in my right ankle and still in my left groin, thigh, and knee. I decided I've already messed it up, though, so I might as well get some work in?! 2M easy in 15:50 followed by 2M progressive uptempo in 6:29 and 6:13.

Tuesday, November 20th
5M easy Last minute decision to travel to The Woodlands when I got off work... no chance to run.

Wednesday, November 21st
4M easy with 30", 90" for the last ten minutes
COMMENTS: Didn't have too bad of pain in my leg until I got to mile 2 and then it kicked in pretty bad. Finished out the run with my 30" surges and felt much less tired after those than when I started run. 

Thursday, November 22nd
2.3M of easy running to warm up
5M turkey trot race --- 3M turkey trot
COMMENTS: I knew when I started my warm up that I had an uphill battle ahead of me. It was extremely painful... I haven't run in the morning since all of this started and I think that was a big part of it. I told Jake before the start that I didn't know if I could run, but we decided I would line up and try. I came thru mile 1 at 5:59 - Perfect. Mile 2, 5:54 - Even better (goal was to avg 6:00 pace for the full 5 miles). Turned a corner, and bam, a sharp pain in my hip and knee that I'm all too familiar with now. I knew I was running perfectly pace wise and I was surrounded by other people that I figured could pull me to a great run, so I decided to give it a chance to fizzle out. At 2.5 it was getting worse and I was having to alter my stride quite a bit. I looked down and saw I was averaging 6:14 pace. At that point I knew I was in a lose-lose situation. There were 6+ ladies in front of me (no way I was going to place), I was well off PR pace (no chance of bettering my running resume), and I was in serious pain. I decided that I would finish out mile 3 at a good effort and call it a day. Came through mile 3 in 18:01 and stepped to the side. I walked for quite a bit and then got restless about the pain of walking and how far I had left to get back, so I tried to "trot" back - That's when I knew without a doubt I made the right choice. Oh well - no loss with trying. Got in 3 miles harder than I would've if I went out for a five mile run, so surely it did something good for me.

Friday, November 23rd
Rest day... too much pain to run on.

Saturday, November 24th
30' easy with Jake at the soccer fields
COMMENTS: Felt just fine physically, but terrible pain from step one. Made for a pretty miserable experience. :( Hopefully Monday's treatment will help some. :(

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