The blind training continues! (22M)

It looks like we've now made it to week 4 of training without any idea whether or not I'll be able to finish a day's run. And, so far, there have only been a handful where I wasn't able to! Wow! I won't say any of them felt good or that I am pain free during the daytime now, but, I am at least able to run an average of 4 miles at a time before I have to call it a day (which I consider worthwhile)! I figure if I can keep stringing together 20 mile weeks with half the mileage at AT pace, then I'm at least going to come out of this ready to train when my leg can handle it. Keeping things simple and short again while we try to figure out how to get me healthy enough to KNOW I can finish my runs when I set out for the day! :)

Sunday, November 4th
5M: 2M easy, 3M steady at noon (7:01 AP)
18M bike around the lake while Jake ran
COMMENTS: Once again, the effort level was controlled, comfortable, but still a run; unfortunately, the legs/ ankle weren't being very amicable today. Mile splits were 8:01, 7:34, 6:37, 6:34, 6:24.

Monday, November 5th
Rest day. Didn't cross train at all; only did core exercises. Trying to "really" give my leg a break when I don't run.

Tuesday, November 6th
35' stationary bike with 15 x 30" hard, 90" easy
4M naturally progressive with Jake at noon (7:23 AP)
COMMENTS: Definitely still having a lot of pain in my hip, along my IT band, down my inner thigh, and in my right ankle. It's driving me crazy because I'm used to injuries that you can run through feeling better after some down time and this doesn't seem to do that. Everyone keeps telling me that IT bands take a really, really long time to heal though, so I just have to be patient! :/ Anyway, our mile splits today were 8:04, 7:30, 7:10, 6:50. I was glad I got to run with Jake and have some time to catch up about our days, but unless my daily runs drop to about 30" faster this will probably be the last one we do together! It was just perfect for me though... Hard enough effort at the end to make it worth the run, but not so hard I'm huffing and puffing or tight after we're done.  

Wednesday, November 7th
5M: 2M easy, 2M of 30" quick, 30" recovery, 1M easy (7:08 AP)
30' bike after work
COMMENTS: I did not expect to run today as I had a lot of pain all morning, but every mile I felt like it would hold up for one more so I just kept going! So thankful!! :) I've been going into the 30"/30" workouts with more anxiety than the steady or naturally progressive runs (I suppose because I don't know what will happen when I try to run hard?), but they've all gone surprisingly quick and have been really enjoyable. Mile splits today were 8:36, 7:49, 6:18, 6:06, 6:55. If nothing else, I can at least encouraged that all of my workouts have improved every time I've repeated them. 

Thursday, November 8th
20' bike
Still in a lot of pain, so really not motivated to workout.. I feel like I'm halfway doing things because I don't want to be "hurting" myself and I'm still not convinced that that's not what I'm doing.

Fridaay, November 9th
20' walk & rehab exercises before work
4M: 2M easy, 2M steady at noon (7:21 AP)
COMMENTS: Went by the trainer's office at DBU today before I ran to see what they thought about my ankle. They said where it hurts is where two bones meet, but that since I can turn my ankle without pain that I probably don't need to be concerned. I still have significant pain with walking or any weight on it though, ESPECIALLY in the mornings, so I'm not sure what I need to do. I ended up running after all and got in four on the treadmill before getting back to work. 8:40: 7:39, 6:38, 6:30. Weird to do this on the treadmill and not running on land without knowing pace!

Saturday, November 10th
4M naturally progressive on the treadmill (7:37 AP) + core & rehab exercises
COMMENTS: Got it in again... I'll let you guess the rest of the details. :) Mile splits today were 8:20, 7:55, 7:25, 6:50. Again, very hard to do this on the treadmill... takes a lot more patience and self control!!

Total Weekly Mileage: 22M

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