Pressing on... (25M)

I'm going to try running three days on, one off this week. My knee is holding steady (thank you!!) but my ankle is getting progressively worse, particularly in the early mornings. I'm hoping to get it checked out again this week.

Sunday, November 11th
4M run with Jake in the neighborhood (7:26 AP)
COMMENTS: Nothing fancy on this one... I felt terrible (stomach-wise) so it made the run feel pretty crummy, BUT it was my first time to run three days straight so I'm pleased with that! I tried to do a couple of Jake's form drills with him after the run but my ankle wasn't allowing it. I tried to push off for a high knee and nope, not happening. So then I tried a butt kick and no, that wasn't happening either. Ouch. It's so strange because when I was resting for those first few weeks after my knee blew up, high knees and butt kicks were two of my staple keep busy and moving exercises.

Monday, November 12th
rest day. 5' jump rope + 2 sets of a strength circuit

Tuesday, November 13th
20' bike with 7 x 30" sprint, 90" recovery before work
5M: 2M easy, 3M of 30", 30" fartlek in the neighborhood during lunch (6:55AP)
COMMENTS: I am likely off on the AP for this run as I didn't have a Garmin to use. Very good quality regardless; I am guessing around 6:30 pace for the first mile of the fartlek portion, cutting down slightly from there. Not much pain during the run itself, only before and after. :)

Wednesday, November 14th
10' bike + 2 sets of same strength circuit as Monday... very good mix of exercises
5M: 2M easy, 3M time trial in the neighborhood during lunch (6:47 AP)
COMMENTS: Made a last minute decision (as in at 9:40 in the morning while eating a second bowl of oatmeal and drinking coffee) that I would time trial a 5k during lunch. Ran two miles easy with Jake and then we set out for the 5k. Very glad he was out there because his twig like body at least resembled (in my mind) some form of protection from the wind every time we got to the long uphill stretch. :) Warm up averaged 8:05 pace, then ran the 3 miles in 5:54, 5:56, 5:55. Did not run 5K as my late and large breakfast was not thrilled about the intensity level and I did not want to taste breakfast twice... three miles was close enough for me. :) As I am writing, however, my leg is killing me. Ice and advil have already been started.

Thursday, November 15th
4M run with Jake during lunch (~7:30 AP)
COMMENTS: Very painful knee, hip, and groin today, but other than that, felt very good. No garmin... we ran on the gravel trail at DBU... first time off the Capella Park paved loop! Woohoo!

Friday, November 16th
rest day. 30' interval bike before work + 10' warm up and strength circuit during lunch

Saturday, November 17th
7+M with Jake on Trinity River Corridor (~7:15 AP)

Total Weekly Mileage: 25M

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