Resting with a plan! (7M, 16M)

Going to finish out my seven day rest of no cross training or running and start back with one or the other on Wednesday morning. Hopefully this gives my body the chance it needs to start over healthy! We thought about scrapping the Woodlands Half Marathon in March so I wouldn't have to rush getting fit again, but decided a short build up is best for me, even if that means not being in great shape. I need to work on finished a half before I try putting in 20 weeks for a killer time. :) With that being said, Jake made me an eight or nine week plan that picks up the first week of January, so my goal is to be healthy enough to start back solid when that time comes. Even if that means sitting on my butt until then!! :) I'll keep doing the core and rehab this week, and starting Wednesday I'll add in cross training and maybe short light runs.

Sunday, December 16th
Big 12 (push ups/reverse crunch) ladder + rehab
*This simple core and PT combination of work took me a full hour without any idle time, so I think I'm going to try to budget 1 hour each morning this week to go to the gym and get it in before the day starts. That way if I do get confident enough to try cross training, I have time to do it later in the day. 

Monday, December 17th
Core routine 3 sets of 30" reps + foam rolling before work
20' aqua jog during lunch

Tuesday, December 18th
Med ball routine 3 sets of 30" reps
35' aqua jog during lunch

Wednesday, December 19th
27' easy run at night
*I caved on this one. Wanted to not run all the way until Saturday, but I felt really sick and didn't want to get in the pool.. an easy run was the best alternative I could think of. Plus, I saw the doctor today and he said as a doctor he has no reason to tell me not to run (I won't do long term damage) and I've had a full 7 days of no running. Unfortunately, as nice as it was to be running, shin, ankle, knee, and hip were the same as before. Definitely was like heaven just to run so lacsidasically though. :)

Thursday, December 20th
30' aqua jog at lunch

Friday, December 21st
Big 12 (push ups/reverse crunches/glute bridges/sit ups) ladder before work
4M easy run after work
*My ankle bothered me the whole run but my knee did not start until about 1.75 miles.

Saturday, December 22nd
18M bike with Jake at the lake (hard!)

Sunday, December 23rd
4M easy run on the track in Hull

Monday, December 24th
4M easy run at Herman Park in Houston

Tuesday, December 25th
rest day

Wednesday, December 26th
35' aqua jog during lunch
4M easy run with Jake after work (pavement)

Thursday, December 27th
35' aqua jog during lunch

Friday, December 28th
4M run during lunch (half pavement, half gravel)
40' aqua jog after work

Saturday, December 29th
45' aqua jog in the afternoon

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