Santa's Speedy Helper Race & a break! (7M)

I made it through the relay... now it's time to take a step back and get healthy! :) No need for a thorough recap of my running this morning as it was pretty embarrassingly terrible. I'm just glad I finished and we had four other incredibly fast ladies to pull my weight and secure a win!! :)

Here's a picture of (most) of the girls on my team. They were so sweet and a lot of fun to compete and hang out with! I'm definitely looking forward to more runs with them once I'm back to real training again!

Sunday, December 9th
scattered warm-up, 4.4M race, scattered cool down

Monday, December 10th
Jake's new core routine + 10' jump rope (tried biking but it was extremely painful for my left knee)

Tuesday, December 11th
Jake's new med ball routine + 15' easy run (left knee, right ankle, and right shin were painful)

Wednesday, December 12th
10' bike, 5' elliptical, 5' kicking on side of pool (left knee hurt on bike, right ankle hurt on elliptical)
Big 12 (push-up/reverse crunch) ladder + rehab

Thursday, December 13th
Jake's core routine

Friday, December 14th 

Saturday, December 15th 
Jake's med ball routine 

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