Thank you Green Oaks PT! (31.5M)

I have to admit, I was skeptical of their back and tendonitis theories at first, but am beyond happy with the way things have been improving! Last week I went from terrible pain walking on Sunday to very low level pain running on Saturday! And I didn't miss a single mile!

I have only been back to running for three weeks, and last week I got in 32 miles, a 5 mile run averaging 6:54 pace, some solid hill repeats, and an 11 mile run averaging 7:09 pace. I'm a happy camper and very thankful to my husband for his coaching expertise! :)

Sunday, January 20th
4M, 5x100
60' bike
*I ran 4 minutes and had so many achey joints that I called it quits. Then, I started driving to the gym to bike, but my ears were hurting so bad I just turned the car around. I figure with Jake having the flu it's not worth me tiring my immune system for a recovery bike. Especially now that I have long runs. I'll make up the 4 miles later this week.

Monday, January 21st
2M warm up, 4M hill climb (pavement)
Physical Therapy
*I ran extremely slow for my warm up, so I was worried about how the pace transition would go when I started the climb, but boy was it smooth!! I looked down when I heard the 800m beep and I was at 6:34 pace... I put the brakes on quick! :) After that, it was a mix between, feeling strong as I reached the tops of each climb to practically walking when I was on several of the longer/ steeper parts. I started choking on mucus again after the first mile and had to make a quick pit stop at 2 miles to clear my nose, throat, and mouth (it did not help for long!). Miles this week were 6:39, 6:44, 6:31, 6:37 (6:38 avg). Normally slowing down in a run would bother me, but with the elevation changes in each mile, the faster ones make sense. Very pleased with a 25 second improvement in pace compared with my 3M climb two weeks ago!

Tuesday, January 22nd
45' bike and weights
5M (pavement)
*Felt like trash - Ankle, foot, and heel hurt a lot and my legs were extremely heavy and week. Needless to say, I shuffled thru most of the run, but finally started feeling a little more smooth towards the end.

Wednesday, January 23rd
35' bike before work
4M, 4x100 during lunch (gravel)
Physical Therapy after work
*Very tired, stiff, heavy, tight, weak, and achey today. Would you like any more adjectives? :) Needless to say, I slogged through this run and am hoping tomorrow is a different story! PT was especially painful as they did a lot of deep tissue work on my foot. I literally started sweating it was so painful!

Thursday, January 24th
15' bike before work
2M warm up, 2 x 1.5M, 800m jog recovery after each (track)
*Woke up extremely fatigued and with terrible foot and ankle pain, so I biked 15 minutes and that's it. Jake chose to do his run with me when I did my workout at 5, which I certainly enjoy - though I do feel particularly bad for him after tonight's run. It's been two hours since we finished and my cheeks, arms, hamstrings, quads, and calves are all still shaking. And my stomach is still twisted up. I am very embarrassed by the times, but this is the most deep I've dug in a long time. Warmed up, 9:40, 4:40, 9:42, 4:10.

Friday, January 25th
Rest (tired, weak, and achey... not in the normal hard training way)

Saturday, January 26th
11M with last 3M uptempo 10.5M (gravel)
*I just flat out felt empty, as I have almost all week. The aches and pains aren't slowing me down at all; they hurt and are annoying, but they don't slow me down. It's as if my legs and arms are full of lead, my stomach is twisted up at full tension, and my lungs and throat are being squished inward. I stopped at 10.5 - pretty sure by that point I was doing more damage than good. I'm still not feeling better. Next week we're changing the plan of attack. No more "workouts". Just more mileage and getting in natural runs. Paces today were 8:37, 8:03, 7:39, 7:35, 7:27, 7:25, 7:20, 7:23, 7:04, 6:52, 6:53(.5M) for a 7:31 average.

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