Week 2 for TWM 2013 (27.5M)

Sunday, January 6th
4M and 3 strides in the morning (half pavement, half gravel)
60' bike + Big 12 in the afternoon
*Foot and ankle pain on the right side and slight shin pain on my left leg, but my knee was fine. Kept things relaxed today to see if I would feel any better tomorrow. I don't think I'll lose the soreness, but if I can knock out the fatigue I'll be good! No knee pain on the bike!!!!!!!! :D

Monday, January 7th
2M warm up, 3M uphill climb in the morning(pavement) 
30' aqua jog during lunch 
15' x-train + weights in the afternoon
*It was FREEZING cold this morning which made it very hard for me to breathe freely. I literally choked on junk several times because I couldn't cough it out and my mouth was so full of the sticky stuff. It's been three hours since I finished and I have not stopped blowing my nose or spitting stuff up - GROSS! Aside from that, the run felt good. I thought I was running great on the first mile, so needless to say I was disappointed to hear the split. Second mile was the hardest by far, especially on the second big hill. Third mile was perfect - If I had been able to breathe freely, I would have been able to tack on another mile or two. 7:09, 7:09, 6:50 at the mile markers. I didn't feel any foot pain this morning; ankle was a bit worse than it has been, but it was very cold and it was early, so I'm sure that had a little to do with it. Same slight shin pain on my left leg. 

Tuesday, January 8th
35' aqua jog during lunch
35' bike + 2 sets of the core routine after work

Wednesday, January 9th
4M and 3 strides in the morning (pavement)
35' aqua jog during lunch
Physical Therapy after work
*Very solid rain during the entire run... I don't think I've ever done a run in that before - Sprinkles, yes, rain, no. It wasn't bad other than the fact that I felt like I was working really hard and really moving, and then my total run time came out to close to 8:30 pace (not sure how accurate my loop was though). I'm glad I didn't have to use a treadmill though. My strides were good as I did them on our uphill street, which forces good form. Ankle still hurt pretty bad but other than that nothing else seemed to be a problem today!

Thursday, January 9th
40' with 4x5',2' before work (track)
*I ran easy for 12 minutes and felt really weak, but decided to give things a go anyways. First 5 minute segment was around 7:00 pace based on the 400 splits I picked up, the second, 6:40ish, third, just under 6:40, the last 6:20ish. I never got to where it felt comfortable, but it was at least controlled when the wind was not against me. I couldn't have gone longer than 5' or done more reps this week though. Not a bad workout though!    

Friday, January 10th
Physical Therapy before work
35' bike + core after work

Saturday, January 11th
9M, last 3 uptempo in the morning (gravel)
weights + core in the evening
*I have not had this much pain in my right for a very, very long time. :/ I'm hoping it just behaves like last week (small ache on Sunday and Monday, gone on Wednesday), but I am quite unnerved by it. Aside from that and my left hip flexor, I felt a little better today that I have. Certainly doesn't compare to past seasons, but for my second week back I felt just fine. 9:03, 8:13, 7:34, 7:35, 7:20, 7:23, 6:39, 6:36, 6:36 (7:26 avg). I had to stop several times for different reasons, so it was not truly continuous, but never more than 30" during my pit stops. Super happy to have gotten this in though. Just have to hope the foot is okay!

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