Week 3 on an iffy foot and ankle (32M)

Sunday, January 13th
4M in the afternoon (treadmill)
60' bike after the run
*Middle to front outside of my foot is still very painful, as is my ankle. I'm hoping it's all just peroneal tendonitis though - in which case I can run through it. My legs were sore today as well, not sure it's from the new strength exercises I did last night or from the mileage or intensity (please don't laugh at either of those possibilities!) from last week. At any rate, hoping to feel much better for tomorrow morning's workout! :)

Monday, January 14th
30' bike, stretching, foam rolling, icing, & heating before work
6M progressive during lunch (treadmill)
Physical Therapy after work
*Almost did not run today, but decided that with PT being tonight and tomorrow being off, it's the best day for me to choose to run through a pain. I did the first two miles by bumping up the MPH .1 every minute, then for the rest of the run I bumped it up .1 every half mile. Splits came out to 8:07, 7:13, 7:01, 6:49, 6:40, 6:32 for a 7:06 average. I did the math and if you take out my warm up mile, it's a 5M progression in 6:54 pace... huge jump from my 7:16 average two weeks ago. Granted, that 7:16 pace includes the warm up mile from that day, so it really isn't that drastic of an improvement. Happy to have gotten the quality in today regardless. If I hadn't had the pains or boredom from a treadmill, I should've been able to continue one more mile.

Tuesday, January 15th
35' bike, weights, and foam rolling before work
35' bike and foam rolling during lunch
*Still icing and heating the foot and ankle, though the physical therapist thinks it may actually be pain from a nerve problem stemming from by back. 

Wednesday, January 16th
 35' bike before work
5M and 4x100 strides during lunch (mostly gravel, some pavement)
Physical Therapy after work
*Foot pain was slightly less today, which means rest helps (a good sign, I think!). I was definitely dragging on the run today, but my strides felt awesome. I did them on the uphill street in front of our house, which makes them feel much more smooth to me. Now if only I can get rid of this tightness, soreness, and fatigue!! :)

Thursday, January 17th
2M warm up, 5 x 3' hills (pavement)
*I think the PT is helping! I am feeling much more sure footed and my range of motion is improving in both my hip flexors and my ankle. Just have to be sure the PT improvements continue at a faster rate than my training can wear them down. :) Workout was solid and I went farther on all 5 repeats than I did two weeks ago, but I did a poor job gauging effort. Tightened up to the point of slow climb for the last few seconds of most reps. 

Friday, January 18th
Physical Therapy before work
35' bike during lunch

Saturday, January 19th
11M at midday (gravel)
Physical therapy exercises and short strength work after run
*Finally a long run without any major aches and pains! It was very windy, but the warm air and sturdiness of my legs made the run well worth it! 7:46, 7:34, 7:25, 7:16, 7:10, 7:04, 7:03, 7:00, 6:54, 6:50, 6:41 for the splits, making it a 7:09 average pace. If I run first thing in the morning next week, I can be very confident I won't come close to this... Breakfast and hours walking around do wonders for those first few miles! :)

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