Starting Phase 2!

I found a medical study online where they took a group of elite cross country runners with femur stress fractures and took them through a 4 phase recovery process. By the end of the 12 week process, all athletes were fully recovered, so I thought I would give it a try!

The first phase was three weeks of no weight bearing and no physical activity, not even if it didn't involve legs! The second is three weeks of upper body weights and swimming. The third is three weeks of strength work and biking. The fourth is three weeks of cross training "workouts", walking, and straight running only. Upon completion, you begin a normal running build up as when coming back from injury. The study said athletes were required to repeat an entire phase if at the end of the three weeks there was any sort of pain. Unfortunately, I do still have pain, but I think that swimming and upper body weights should not affect the healing process as long as I don't start walking like crazy!

Sunday, February 24th
20' arm cycle
30' upper body weights

Monday, February 25th
20' core and balance
30' lap swim

Tuesday, February 26th
25' arm cycle
25' upper body weights

Wednesday, February 27th
60' core and balance
30' lap swim

Thursday, February 28th
20' upper body weights

Friday, March 1st
20' core and balance
30' lap swim

Saturday, March 2nd
Off - Sick, traveling, and rushing around The Woodlands Marathon course to cheer on Jake! Top American and only American to place! :)

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