Time to get ready to RUN again!

I ran every other day this last week, which means I got to run FOUR times!!! In saying that, I feel pretty confident that I'm ready to move back towards real training in the next month or so. I'll continue to stay very conservative for about that long, but I do want to transition from running for general exercise to running with the goal of getting back into distance running shape. I'm going to gradually move away from the short walk-run sessions and work my way towards longer periods of running with less resting in between. I want to continue walking before and after the runs so that I can get in the time on my feet without running too much, but I need to be able to run continuously, not just for quick spurts. I'm so ready to get back in shape!!!

Sunday, May 19th
20M bike around WRL with Jake... He averaged 5:53 pace for the run! Incredible!

Monday, May 20th
5' walk, 4 x 4' run, 2' walk on the treadmill (Since it was 5:15AM and I had such a short "warm up", I started at 8:40 pace for the first 4 minutes and then worked down to the last one at 8:00 pace. This is the first run where my ankle started hurting again, but other than that, it wasn't bad at all.)
60' bodypump class after the run-walk (This is a full body strength workout with barbells. Always leaves me exhausted!)
*Major pain from my sciatic nerve this morning. I felt it starting to act up yesterday, but this morning it was enough to cause me to modify some of my lunges, etc. Got to keep an eye on it!

Tuesday, May 21st
Core H and Myrtyl routines before work
3M bike with Jake during lunch
30' rolling incline walk after work
*Still feeling pain from my sciatic nerve today.

Wednesday, May 22nd
45' cycle class before work
20' power walk during lunch
60' bodypump class after work

Thursday, May 23rd
10' walk, 4'-4'-5'-5' running intervals with 2' walking after each one. (I did four minutes for the first two, but they were so easy, went by really fast, and I didn't have femur or ankle pain, so I decided to add one minute to each of the last two intervals. Both went very smoothly so I'm looking forward to doing all four for five minutes on Saturday! No core or leg work today because I'm so sore from Bodypump yesterday!!!)

Friday, May 24th
rest day!

Saturday, May 25th
10' walk, 4 x 5' run, 2' walk, 7' walk (Felt good and was a nice way to start the day! Love that I can walk out the door and go running again!)
2 sets of Vern Leg Circuit

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