Let's try this again! :) [24M!!!!!]

Planned on 22 miles last week, but some bum knees kept me at 17. Oh well! At least I'm still running. Not just that, but I'm running a minimum of four days per week and a minimum of four miles each time. Something good has to eventually come from that! :)

I see the doctor on Tuesday to get everything checked out, but in the meantime I'm going to continue with the extra stretching and daily Alieve (icing when I make time for it). If it weren't for my knee and shin pain last week, I think it would have been a pretty stellar week. I felt much better energy and strength wise than I have in quite a while. That could partially be due to the fact that I've only been to the gym for strength or cycle twice in the past two weeks! :/ BUT! Jake has a new car!! It's a Subaru XV Crosstrek and super sweet! And all of this good news means that I can go to the gym any morning or evening without feeling like I'm putting him in a prison! :) So, hopefully I'll fit in a few more cross training/ strength sessions this week!

Since last week was not as successful as we had hoped, we're going to try again this week. We've basically gone through an up-down cycle so this just carries it on. The past five weeks I've gone 15, 20, 16, 22, 17. So, this week I should technically hit 24, but we'll be happy with a 22 week! :)

Non running goals for the week:
Daily leg swings and rope stretching
5+ core sessions
3+ cardio cross training sessions
3+ strength sessions

Sunday, July 28th
4M run at Mountain View Community College. They have a large public grass lot with a 0.85M loop, which makes short runs pretty easy to get on a soft surface. Not to mention it's only about a five minute drive! I started today's run way too fast and paid for it later on! By the last loop I was working so hard  just to keep picking my feet up! :) The last time I ran out here, I completed the 5 loops (4.25M) in 36:30, this morning I completed them in 32:26. Talk about a change of pace! It averages out to 7:37 pace which on that grass and with the way I fell apart, I am quite happy with! Now to rest, stretch, and de-inflame my knee so I'll be good to go on Tuesday morning!
20' bike, 10' elliptical, core and stretching. Cardio at the gym in the afternoon, core and stretching at home with Jake tonight!

Monday, July 29th
60' bodypump. Talk about exhausting! I have GOT to get more consistent with this again!! Good morning though- Definitely something my body needed! Core is included in this one!
40' cycle after work.

Tuesday, July 30th
4M run + 4 strides. Went to the track for this one. It was the best my knees and shins and thigh have felt in quite a while, but gosh, my legs were trashed. I'm going to have to just always know that if I run the day after bodypump I'm going to feel like I'm running in quick sand! 9:00, 8:12, 7:52, 7:07, followed by 4x100m in 18.1, 17.7, 16.9, 16.5.

Wednesday, July 31st (our niece's 1st birthday!)
6M progressive + 30' cycle. I ran on the treadmill this morning so I could get in my cross training before work, which actually turned out great with the workout Jake gave me! He wanted me to finish the first mile at 8:00 pace, then drop 10" per mile for the rest of the run. I started at 9:2x pace, dropped 20" from the pace each .20 of a mile so that I finished the last segment at 8:00 pace, then the rest of the run was quite simple. 7:50, 7:40, 7:29, 7:19, 7:08. I was definitely fatigued and ready to be done on that last mile but it was never a case of being out of breath, which is actually what kept me going. Every time I thought "I'm getting too tired, I can't finish the workout as assigned," I realized that my breathing was silent and completely controlled. AKA, permission to press on! :) Jumped into the end of the cycle class after my run!

Thursday, August 1st
4M run + 4 hill sprints. I intended to run on our grass track but the sprinklers were on and I didn't want to run in mush! Therefore, I ended up running one loop on the gravel trail and two loops around campus on the pavement to finish up 32 minutes of running. I did my strides on our steep hill and ran up for fifteen seconds, which actually got me all the way to the top - much farther than when we used to run this hill as a team. It definitely wasn't a pretty run this morning (groin, upper quad, and knee pain), but I got it in. Only one run left this week and I'll be at 24!!!!!!
60' bodypump after work

Friday, August 2nd
60' PiYo

Saturday, August 3rd
6M run with 1' surges on 5' cycle. I went out to Katy Trail but parked about a 1/2 mile away, so went by time and not minutes. Since I was on a 5' cycle, I went all the way thru 50', so I got in just a tad over 6 miles! ABSOLUTELY LOVED this workout. The four minute recovery segments felt long, but it made the run itself go by super quick! Only real problem today was my knees, which is not too bad of a deal! I'll get on the grass tomorrow and give them some extra cushion! Plus I'm meeting an ART specialist next Wednesday!

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