Regrouping before adding miles again! [16M]

No problems with the twenty mile week last week! I did struggle with fatigue and being overly winded on the last couple runs, but I think that had more to do with lack of sleep and high humidity than anything else.

This week we're dropping back to the previous week's mileage before we move forward again. I am embarrassed by how far I fell during my last break (and how long it is taking me to return), but I am very much enjoying the process of building back up. I love knowing that someday in a few months I will show up out of nowhere feeling strong and lean and fast. That's a good feeling. One day. Coming soon. Just have to keep trucking along patiently!

Sunday, July 7th
38' trail run in Huntsville. Definitely closer to four miles than five, but it was terrible footing. Certainly not a place to run fast. Got in the first run of the week though! I've yet to miss a run! :)

Monday, July 8th
60' BodyPump class. Up in leg weights and chest/back weights today. :) Hopefully this doesn't hurt me tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 9th
4M run + 4 uphill strides. I definitely still question if I'm running too hard right now. Not because I'm running fast, by any stretch of the word; but because I feel like I'm out for a tempo run or race on most of my runs. I keep feeling pressured to have "good" runs because I'm running so little right now, but none of my runs are turning out "good". It's either really slow and feeling good, or decent paced and feeling awful! Today's run was 8:12, 7:43, 7:35, 7:29. But let me tell you, I expected that last mile to be over 8 minutes because I eased up so much during the first half of it!! Haha! The four strides were good, but I was definitely fatigued for them this week. I guess it's just still a matter of patience...

Wednesday, July 10th
4M run. Okay, I'm officially concerned, haha! I ran four miles in our neighborhood and decided to stop "forcing" effort and just run comfortably. The only problem? I was never comfortable!! Hahah! I wanted to stop every chance I got and just get off my legs. They're just so tired! 9:19, 8:43, 8:19, 7:59. Whew.. Long road ahead!
60' bodypump after work

Thursday, July 11th
30' cycle, 30' strength

Friday, July 12th
4M with 2M of straights and curves. I walked about 20 minutes to the grass track, ran one mile, did some leg swings, then did two miles of straights and curves in the opposite direction before getting in a one mile cool down. Then I had a nice relaxing and peaceful walk home! :) I almost put this run off for tomorrow because I was sleepy and my hamstrings were so sore, but after taking a couple steps on the grass track I decided I'd be an idiot not to run. It was a cool morning, not too much wind, and the grass felt SO GOOD! I need to try getting out there more often when I get home from Houston! The straights/curves miles were not as fast as last week's, but I was on grass and ran them continuous today. I think this workout was probably better for me since I kept it more controlled.

Saturday, July 13th
Rest with a quick strength session in the afternoon.

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