On the road again! [28M!]

Leaving Dallas this morning to spend the next two weeks at my company's main office. I'm not a big fan of going into the office, but for the chance to work out of my house the other 49-50 weeks of the year, it's well worth it!! :)

Feeling very good after last week's low mileage and ART sessions, so I'm hoping everything holds up for the trip. It will be interesting to see how long the ART work from last week carries forward!

Sunday, August 18th
5M run. Went out to MVCC for the grass and rolling elevation, and man did I feel it when I switched directions! Running clockwise loops is mostly downhill with one shorter uphill segment, but backwards? Gosh, it's killer! Finished the six loops (5.1 miles) in 38:45 which comes out to 7:35 pace! Woohoo! Moving forward, folks. Moving forward.

Monday, August 19th
20' bike, ab challenge. It's my first day at work in the Houston office so I kept this light and quick to be sure I got in on time!!

Tuesday, August 20th
5M run + 4 strides. Memorial Park! I'm back! :) Love that place! 39:18 for the five miles. I felt good, but I did notice my ankles were very sore and tight when I finished as well as during and after my strides?! But very good session regardless!

Wednesday, August 21st
6M progression run. Achy joints and bones, but more so a super upset stomach. :( I had a very stressful, late evening yesterday due to some car trouble, so I am thinking that has something to do with it. Anyways, I ran the first two miles as if I was going to do the workout, then dashed to the restroom, then picked the run back up but just held an easy pace to try and let my stomach settle. 47:09 for the run, so 7:51 pace which is actually what I averaged yesterday. Weird!

Thursday, August 22nd
5M run + 3 strides. I ran very easy on the first mile, in fact it was past 9:00 when I got to the marker! After that I started alternating 1' and 2' surges, both of which I allowed for a 2' recovery period. On the way out I took it as just that - a good recovery. On the way back, I found myself finishing surges very near different groups of guys running, so I just tried to stay the same distance behind them. This put me in a much more fatigued state, but definitely made the run more successful, in my opinion! I finished in 39:07, so about 30:00 for last 4 miles of fartlek. Strides were good but I think I strained or pulled my left quad on the third one so I stopped there? Very weird sensation when I finished and it is still sore now.

Friday, August 23rd
30' cardio, 10' core. I didn't want anything hard, but still wanted to get my day started with a little sweat and moving around. :) Did the trick!

Saturday, August 24th
7M easy run at the park! Was planning on six miles, but started very slow due to another upset stomach, so I ended up going for an extra mile! Plus I did the math while I was running and a 7 miler put my weekly total right in line with the 10% rule! Felt so good to run for close to an hour again - It's been a long time! Still feeling the left shin and inner thigh, but the quad was much better than it felt after my last stride on Thursday.

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