Recapping my 1st benchmark race and moving on! [20M]

Before I tell you all about my terribly exciting plans for this week, I'll give you an even more exciting recount of last weekend's festivities. So, Jake and I pulled up to the host church in Deleon at 6:00, exactly one hour before the race start. The funny part? Not a single runner was there yet!! We got our bibs and then naturally asked where the port-a-potties were. "Umm, we don't have any, but you can use the Blue Moon Cafe's restrooms. They're just across the street." Okay, so I can already tell this is going to be interesting! We knew it was a small race because super slow times won it last year, but with cash prizes three deep we expected at least someone to show! Nope! We ended up pulling off a nice 1-2 punch in the 5k with Jake finishing in 15:36, me 19:56, and the third place runner in 22:00! Solo effort for both of us!

The course was SUPER hilly, but they were rolling hills which somewhat lessened the effects. The mile markers where also off, which can definitely mess with your head! According to their markers, I came through 1M at 5:50 and two miles at 12:26... Talk about "what?!?!". I knew it was off when I got to the mile though, so at that point I just set my eyes on the gator and tried to maintain effort. When I rounded a corner after the second mile I looked back to see if any guys were nearby to outkick me. Bad idea! Not a soul in sight! Hello invitation to get lazy! I definitely eased up on the gas in that third mile, but I'm not going to complain or regret a bit. I planned on a 7:00 pace 5k and would have been very happy with that. To run 6:24 pace was VERY pleasant surprise!

Now, onwards and upwards! No changes to our long-term training plans as a result of this weekend, but we at least have some paces to use for when I'm ready to do paced workouts. This week will be a slight down week since last week was my first time to go two straight weeks over 20 miles. We're planning to stick it right at 20 this week and then keep moving up slowly in the following weeks. That's one thing I'm very happy with this season. I've never gotten back in shape this slowly, but I'm actually very confident in this slow build.

Sunday, August 11th
3M run. Hit up the treadmill for this one and felt awful. Granted I ate basically nothing of value for the last 36 hours due to an upset stomach, so I should have expected it. No muscles soreness whatsoever, but my left knee and left quad were pretty messed up. To emphasize how out of it I was on this run, I don't even know my final time!! I'm pretty sure it was 25:00.

Monday, August 12th
60' bodypump. Purposely skipped the squat and lunge tracks and used those for range of motion or form exercises. Hopefully a full day of minimal pressure on my knee it'll feel better tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 13th
4M run + 6 strides. A very nice run with lots of pep in my step this morning! Felt like a million bucks energy and muscle wise! Now if I can just knock out these aches and pains! :) 32:08 for the four loops and then I tacked on 6 form-focused strides (AKA, no aggressive sprinting). Felt wonderful!
PS. Using McMillan's training paces calculator, we have following paces to take me from my current 5k time to sub 19, which will be the next goal. According to this, my 8:02 easy run is right on target! :)

Wednesday, August 14th
5M run with McMillan's "Lab Rat" workout. [2M easy, 3M of: 4' at 6:58, 2'easy, 4' at 6:39, 2' easy, 4' at 6:35, 2' easy, 4' at 6:27, easy run until 3 miles is completed.] What a great day!!!! I was seriously scared of this one but it felt perfect! Never too hard and I wasn't itching to stop the treadmill on the last one - always a good sign!! :) The paces felt quick for the first 20" or so after running easy because of the huge sudden pace change, but after that, I was quite under control and very confident! Definitely enjoyed this one!

Thursday, August 15th
4M run. Just an easy four loops through the neighborhood! Nothing special to share about this one! Hips joints and hip flexor are still really bugging me, but ART is tonight so that should help! Glad to finally have my knees and shins doing well though.. I am already an ART fan!

Friday, August 16th
Strength circuit with Jake and day 5 of my 30 day ab challenge!

Saturday, August 17th
4M run + 4 strides. I took this run especially easy because of a terrible headache and didn't even glance at my watch until I finished. Very refreshing and enjoyable effort level, and then I finished and looked and it was over a minute faster than I usually run! What?! And hips were great today! Yay! :)

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