One step closer!

Well, I'm a day late in writing this, but I am so close to being one step closer to getting all of this injury mess resolved!! :) I saw one of my doctors on Friday for the "enlarged lymph node" that my ortho thought was the problem. She had me out in less than five minutes, saying it was not a lymph node issue but is probably a hernia of some sort. Sooo, I am seeing a general surgeon this afternoon and will hopefully get more answers. I really don't think I have a hernia, but I am assuming they'll do some sort of imaging and that should at least give us some answers! :) Because I don't know what the results will be of today's visit yet, the rest of this week's training is really up in the air. I have been feeling good, so until they provide some more instructions, I'll continue to train in ways that don't hurt.

This is the perfect reminder for me to look at each day this week!

Sunday, February 23rd
Weekly rest day! I did a TON of cleaning which was great!

Monday, February 24th
Accidental rest day. Had planned on personal training with Shane Freels, but due to a communication mishap that didn't happen. I did my warmup drills, some plank rotations, and some lunges, but it was primarily a rest day.

Tuesday, February 25th
1M power walk + usual full body strength routine. Camille Herron, who has definitely had her fair share of injuries and consequential victories, always talks about how much walking has helped her recoveries and helped improve her bone strength, so that's something I'm going to try to incorporate more. She does 30-60 minute walks when she is not running, but I'm going to start small.. Today was 1 mile. I alternated between a high incline and moderate speed, and almost flat at a faster speed. After that I did my normal full body strength circuit (below). I still love this one and I'm pumped by how much I'm improving! Plus I can actually see muscles in the mirrors while I'm doing the exercises! :) Today I increased the leg extension to 40lbs and used 5lbs for the front raises. My form is better on the rest, but I'm not quite ready to increase weights.

Wednesday, February 26th
Ab circuit + leg circuit. This was an excellent workout. I'm amazed by how great my deep squats and lunges are when compared to a few weeks ago! For abs, I did 3x10 hanging knees-to-chest, 4x10 rope pulls, 4x20 seated knee-ins, 3x15 reverse incline hip raises, 3x15 cable cross. For legs I did four rounds of the following exercises: deep squats, back lunges, forward lunges, dead lifts. For all of these I used two 8lb kettleballs and I did 10 reps. 

Thursday, February 27th
Rest day!

Friday, February 28th
1.5M hilly moderate walk + old pre/post run drills. I was so excited this morning and everything in me wanted to just pick it up to a job, but I didn't!!!! I am going to gradually increase my walking distance over the next month to help get joints and tendons and everything ready for running in April!! :)
Here's a picture of me after my super exciting walk this morning. :) 
Saturday, March 1st
Short core workout. I had planned on going to the gym for weights this afternoon, but we made it into a "date day" and ended up out of the house from 11:15 until 6:00! And we spent a lot of that time in the sun watching high school track meets, so I was definitely not feeling up for workout. Had I been in the middle of training, sure I would've gone; but I'm taking advantage of this downtime and enjoying the brief interruptions. :) Back at it tomorrow and hopefully getting in a good week of strength, and now cardio!!

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