Sometimes life just happens, and that's OK!

Last weekend we had a surprise family emergency late Saturday night. We ended up traveling through the night and spending the next couple days at a hospital in Houston with my in-laws. With great thanks to God, I'm happy to say that everything is now okay and my husband's family has returned home. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to sort out what caused the incident, and as they strive to get healthier in the future.

That being said, here's what my week looked like this past week... brace yourselves! :)

Sunday - Nada, a two hour nap to recover from my second ever all-nighter, and that's about it!

Monday - 1/2 a workout! ;) I went to our hotel gym only to find that all they had were three treadmills, two bikes, and a stair climber. And the floor was tile! There were no weights, no benches, and no mats, and I was not desperate enough to put my bony body on those tiles! :) I did about 10 minutes of squats and push-ups and then called it a wash, haha!

Tuesday - Nada, again! Would have been another evening workout, but instead we opted for another late night drive to return to Dallas. Got in around 1:15am!

Wednesday - Nada, again! Slept in until 10 minutes before work (it's days like these that I'm so thankful to work from home!), worked all day, and then shot straight over to DBU for class which started at 5:15!

Thursday -  Finally, a workout! Back to my full body strength, killer workout. Literally, this one leaves me burning head to toe! And every time I hope on a cardio machine for those five minutes, my HR is between 155 and 165 start to finish. Sweeeeet!

Friday - Nada, for the (basically) 4th day this week! The nutrition company I work with promotes period cleansing and has done studies to show it is even more beneficial for athletes. I don't do it as often as I'd like, but it definitely makes me feel better! So, this was a cleanse day for me... which means little to no exercise!

Saturday - Nada! Planned on working out in the afternoon, but had a bad sore throat and headache. I decided the week was already trashed and I'd rather just rest and start fresh next week!


  1. So sorry to hear about your emergency situation, but glad that everything is looking OK! You're right - sometimes life just happens, and family is the most important thing. I can't believe the hotel gym had a tile floor with no mats! Did you get a new blog layout or am I just going crazy? Either way, I like it!

    1. No new blog layout, but thank you!! :) I was very surprised by the gym as well! Usually it's the cardio machines that don't work and you're stuck with just free weights; totally opposite there! Haha!