The sun rises anew each morning!

Every day is a new beginning, and gosh am I thankful for that!!! :) Last week was a rough one for me in terms of fitness, health, and getting things done. All of my errands, homework assignments, and workouts got put on the backburner and I pushed them off until the very last minute. It was a good reminder of something that I learned about myself in college and while we lived in Houston - I THRIVE on structure. If I know EXACTLY what I need to do, what time I need to do it, where I need to do it, etc., I get so much more done and feel so much more accomplished! With that in mind, I realize a large part of my struggles last week were because there was no structure. Until Wednesday, we had no idea where we would be, when we would be there, and what we would have available. Once we got back to Dallas, it was pretty much a catch-up and "fit in what you can, when you can" kind of thing. Thankfully, I got to rest up quite a bit today and the rest of this week should be smoother!

So, giving myself some structure for this week to help me have something to focus on:
1. I'm going to wake up with Jake each morning... no sleeping in later than 6:00!
2. I'm going to block off 6:00-7:00 for me to workout and get in my physical therapy exercises.
3. I'm going to use my lunch hour for hip/pelvic focused yoga sessions (a friend sent me several videos).
4. I'm going to apply my 'healing' essential oils 3 x day; after my morning shower, after yoga, before bed.

Also, I owe an apology to "Anonymous" who asked about my physical therapy exercises. I had planned on getting my husband or parents to film me (it was my birthday so they came in to visit), but as I mentioned in my [late] post for last week, we had a family emergency and had to leave town for several days. Maybe this week I will be able to film them for you! If not, I'll try to find some of the better ones online and share links to them!

Before I get to the boring posts that are mostly there just to keep me accountable, here are a few photo collages some wonderful people made me!

This one was made by my cousin Breynna. We are one year apart and have a lot in common! Love her to pieces!

This one was made by a local friend in the Dallas running community. We all call him "runner boy" and he is one of the most social people I know! He makes a personal customized photo collage for everyone on their birthday!

Sunday, February 9th
1 hour of mixed physical therapy exercises and core work

Monday, February 10th
Around the World core routine + 50' full body strength circuit. The core circuit alone probably would have been okay today, haha! I like to focus on form and muscle contraction when working out, which can make simple planks, crunches, and push-ups much more challenging! All together, though, the workout was pretty good. I would consider it a slightly lower effort full body circuit compared to the one I've been doing, but that's almost a good thing, in my opinion. No PT exercises this morning since I have my appointment tonight.
Assorted short yoga videos for pelvic alignment and hips during lunch.

Tuesday, February 11th
Hip, hamstring, and back yoga before work (the school was shut down until 10am due to weather).
Lower body strength circuit during lunch. I wanted to put more focus on the backside than the front, so I did 4x15 deadlifts (bar only) alternated with 4x15 calf raises, then 2x30 leg extension (20lb), 4x15 leg extension (40lb), 2x30 leg curl (20lb), 4x15 leg curl (40lb).

Wednesday, February 12th
Cathy Savage's core workout and upper body workout from The Warrior Guide. Both are very challenging, but altogether it only took one hour. The abs included hanging knee raises, cable pull downs, knee-ins, incline hip lifts, and cable twists. Upper body included pop-out pushups, overhead press, bench dips, wide lat pulldowns, one arm rowing, dumbbell 21's, tricep pushups, and lateral raises. 
Shoulder and neck yoga during lunch. Legs are SUPER tight today, so lots of stretching as well.

Thursday, February 13th
Rest day! Just a quick, light ab workout and PT exercises!

Friday, February 14th
Full body day strength day. I had a follow up appointment with my doctor in the morning and two hour massage after work, so no yoga today! :) Doctor says April 3rd is the earliest I can run (he wants me to wait a full 3 months from the date of the bone scan). For strength, I did my usual full body workout (below), but I dropped the cardio portions and changed the leg strength exercises. I modified them because the gym I was in doesn't have leg machines! :) Ended up with swissball hamstring curls, body quats with swiss ball, and the lunge matrix.

Saturday, February 15th
Rest day. My parent's came in for the weekend so we could go watch my husband play volleyball. The rest was good though... I could tell my body needed it. These strength workouts make me sore head to toe! Not to mention the two hour massage I got yesterday!

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