Week 10- 16M running, 130' x-training

Still keeping all runs at 20 minutes or less. I'm seeing a corrective exercise specialist that wants me to do some rowing, so I will be adding cross training and weights this week.

Sunday, August 10th
5' core, 20' easy run, 60" plank. No soreness whatsoever from yesterday. Still same aches, but I am now confident enough to run through the shocks in my foot.

Monday, August 11th
5' core, 20' easy run, 60" plank. Feeling super drained and tired. Shins seem to be easing up a little, but my quad is aching pretty bad.
90' session with corrective exercise specialist. Very helpful. I believe this is going to help a lot in clearing out my current injuries and preventing future ones. I learned a ton and think it's going to help my quad out as well.

Tuesday, August 12th
20' easy run. Still feeling empty on the run. It's like running through quicksand and running into a brick wall at the same time. :) Everything feels significantly better pain wise, though - so I think whatever she did yesterday made a difference.

Wednesday, August 13th
30' rowing, 100 reps of 4 lower body exercises, 20' elliptical trainer. Six sets of 15 plus one set of 10: Leg press, hamstring curl, calves, leg extension. Nothing to hard on the rower because I was focusing on using the right muscles; kept my HR above 160 on the elliptical. 
3' core, 20' run on the grass track. Left shin and the outside of both feet were today's main aches. Everything else was very minimal!!

Thursday, August 14th
30' rowing, 30 reps of 5 upper body exercises, 20' elliptical trainer. Three sets of 10 with 2 minute rest between each set so I could do heavier weight: Chest row, tricep pushdown, side shoulder raise, assisted pull ups, bicep curl. Kept HR at 160 or higher on the elliptical again. The inside of my left leg is really hurting still.
10' run. This was supposed to be 20 minutes but my stomach was killing me. Felt like a thousand knives stabbing me! Oh well... Kept the daily run streak going. Back at it tomorrow.

Friday, August 15th
20' run, 30' rowing, 100 reps of 4 lower body exercises. Ran first thing on the treadmill to cut down the risk of stomach problems. :) Averaged 8:09 pace but it felt really relaxed and easy. I started at 8:30 something and every four minutes bumped the pace by .2. The last four minutes were 7:40 pace. Left foot is kind of aching where I was having those shocks last week. No problems rowing. Did the same leg weights as on Wednesday but 4 sets of 20.

Saturday, August 16th
20' easy run + 23 reps of upper body weights. I stayed in our neighborhood and had a really great run. I felt really good energy wise and my legs felt nice and loose. I even ran down our steep hill so that I could come back up it. I was pretty tired by the end of the 20 minutes, but it was good none the less. Weights were great as well. I did 3 sets of 8 chest row, lat pull down, tricep push down, bicep curl, deltoid fly.

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