Week 11- 12M running, 150' x-training

I leave for San Diego this week!! This week and next week will be really rough when it comes to fitting in workouts. I leave on Thursday for a conference that I'll be volunteering at, and our hours begin at 6AM and end at 9:30PM with no "long breaks" (no leaving the building). That means sleep will be minimal and if I want to fit in cross training it will have to be even more minimal. My first priority while I'm gone will be the 20 minute runs; after that, I'll do whatever I feel I can get in without compromising health.

Sunday, August 17th
20' run on the treadmill. Started at 8:27 pace and finished at 7:40 pace (bumped the pace by .2 every 4 minutes). Felt pretty good; still really loose and much more fluid than I have been lately. My foot is aching a bit on the outside where those shooting pains were.
30' rowing + 10' elliptical. Stopped the elliptical because my foot was hurting on it.

Monday, August 18th
20' run in the neighborhood. Another good one in terms of motivation and energy. I ran the hilly neighborhood loop and finished the run nice and tired. Same aches, nothing new.
30' rowing.
Ladder lower body weights. 12 reps - 8 reps - 6 reps - 4 reps - 3 reps - etc until I could not do more. I started with the weight slightly heavier than I've been doing for the higher rep sessions and bumped it up every time until it got too heavy.

Tuesday, August 19th
Impromptu rest day. Feel like I'm getting sick (sore throat, feverish) so no workout in the morning. Had my appointment with the Correct Exercise Specialist in the afternoon and she told me not to workout after seeing her.

Wednesday, August 20th
20' run in the neighborhood. Stride was a little choppy and some additional aches that weren't there earlier this week, but that could in part be due to rolling out of bed and starting right away. I usually spend more time "waking up" first. Back of my heels, side of my foot, my right ankle were the pain aches. Energy was still good though.
30' rowing.
3 x 8 upper body weights.

Thursday, August 21st
20' run on the treadmill. Started at 8:20 pace and worked down to 7:53 pace (I forgot that I have been changing the pace by .2 every four minutes and I only changed it by .1). Heels were fine today and ankle didn't hurt while I ran, only in my drills prior to running. 
30' rowing. No time for weights this morning as I had to log in for work at 7 due to travel this afternoon. After 10 minutes easy, I alternated 30 seconds all out rowing with 60 seconds easy rowing.

Friday, August 22nd
20' run on the treadmill. Got in 2.5 miles on the nose and cut down every 1/2 mile. Started at 8:20 pace and finished at 7:30 pace.

Saturday, August 23rd
20' run on the treadmill. Exactly the same as yesterday - 2.5 miles with the same pace changes.

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