Being cautious with an achy left foot (18M)

Monday, February 2nd
Rest day

Tuesday, February 3rd
2M easy + 5M steady (8:23 avg pace, 170 avg HR, 173 avg cadence... ran on the neighborhood hilly loop)

Wednesday, February 4th
4M easy + strides (9:10 avg pace, 166 avg HR... ran early in the morning on the track... rough day)

Thursday, February 5th
50 minute bike (avg HR 156. left foot is aching... decided to bike before I didn't have access to cross training equipment over the weekend)

Friday, February 6th
2M easy + 5M steady (8:01 avg pace, 170 avg HR... ran on hilly trails in Joplin, Mo)

Saturday, February 7th
Rest day... super achy foot, maybe from sperry shoes I wore yesterday. Resting to be safe.

Sunday, February 8th
Rest day... still achy foot.

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