Week 1 (22M - 3:08 running, 1:40 x-training)

Switching from minutes to miles, adding some quality, adding some mileage, and adding some structure to the cross training. Hoping my CES friend and chiropractor friends can help me kick this upper hamstring mess to the curb.

Monday, June 15th
4 miles progressive - 2 miles easy, 1 moderate, 1 hard. [MVCC, Lunar Glide, DP 72, H 84%, T 77] Average pace was 8:289:10, 8:55, 8:13, 7:35. Ran on a hilly grass loop at MVCC. Windy this morning and I was super stiff on the first two miles, but after that things got a little better. Wore my lunar glides instead of my Hoka's. Heels still hurt some and upper hamstring tendons are the same. Nothing is getting worse though!
T25 Cardio

Tuesday, June 16th
T25 Core + T25 Speed

Wednesday, June 17th
4 miles easy + 2 strides. [Treadmill, Stinson]. Average pace was 8:21. 8:34, 8:23, 8:15, 8:10. Ran on the treadmill because it was pouring outside. Lots of pains from the hips down, but it was all joints or tendons/ ligaments. No bones. :) I felt good aerobically. 
T25 Total Body
Epsom salt soak

Thursday, June 18th
4 miles progressive (2 miles easy, 1 moderate, 1 hard) + 2 strides. [Track, Stinson, DP 69.1, H 84%, T 74.3] Average pace was 8:24. 9:11, 8:52, 8:18, 7:18. I did a full warm up before my run today thinking that would help my first mile some. Nope! Haha! I actually felt really good on it though... I didn't feel stiff and I felt like I was running a normal pace. The good news is that I was still able to bring the pace down on the moderate and hard miles. Strides felt much better this time. I like my Adidas flats way more than my Nike ones.
Dry needling therapy at the Chiropractor

Friday, June 19th
Rest day

Saturday, June 20th
4 miles easy + 2 strides. [MVCC, Stinson, DP 72, H 79%, T 79] Average pace was 8:46. 9:15, 8:54, 8:29, 8:23. Felt like I was breathing through saran wrap today. Seriously... If you ran beside me on my last mile, you would have thought I was doing a tempo run based on my breathing. Hamstring tendons felt a little better after Thursday's needle treatment, but they still hurt. Strides were on a slight incline; 21 seconds each at about 5:25 pace.

Sunday, June 21st
6 miles. [WRL, Stinson, DP 69.1, H 76%, T 77] Average pace was 8:43. 9:10, 9:00, 9:06, 8:26, 8:23, 8:13. Felt absolutely terrible running out. Not from breathing.. from dizziness and leg fatigue. I felt so light headed and my legs felt like it took everything in me to move them. Hamstring tendons still hurt, as does left shin. Stopped for about a minute after the second mile to see if I could pass the dizziness; didn't work, but once I turned around at the 3 mile mark, things improved a little. 

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