I owe myself an apology

From April 19th, 2010 up until February 28th, 2015, I recorded every single day of my training on this blog. I was nineteen days short of four consecutive years... That would have been 1,461 straight days!! Unfortunately, this cycle of injuries finally took its toll on me and I just fell away from all of my old habits.

So... to quickly catch you (and mostly my future self) up on what's happened these last two and half months, I'll write a short summary for each month. :)

April 2015 - A very slow, conservative return. I ran 4 to 5 days each week, never more than three days in a row. I started with 15 minute runs and progressed to 20 minutes, never broke 20 minutes during the month of April. I also started T25 workout videos; I followed the low-impact versions of all exercises and did not have any problems.

May 2015 - Still only 4 to 5 runs per week. Started with 25 minute runs, progressed to 30 minutes, then 35, then a handful of 40 minute easy runs on the last week of May. I also had two runs with the last five minutes uptempo and those were just under 7:00 pace. The uptempo portions are my only timed/measured runs so far.

June 2015 - Started with a full week off of running... My upper hamstring tendons have been bothering me since January, but it got to be way too much. Saw my therapist and she said I was out of alignment and my SI joint was messed up, so we worked on those. Started back this last week with some 25 to 30 minute runs. Still have the tension, but not nearly as bad as at the beginning of June.

I'll pick up with my normal training log this coming week!

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