Week 2 (22M - 3:06 running, 1:40 x-training)

Monday, June 22nd
4M progressive - 2M easy, 1 moderate, 1 hard. [MVCC, Lunar Glide, DP 69.1, H 76%, T 77] Average pace was 8:20. 9:16, 9:00, 7:37, 7:27. Had a crummy night of sleep, allergies were bugging me, it was windy and hot outside... Let's just say I didn't set myself up for a good run mentally today. Did a 2' jog to wake up, drills, then got started. First 3 loops were clockwise on my .88M loop, turned around before the 4th mile thinking I'd been running the direction that had more uphill portions... Wrong!! :) The counter-clockwise direction was primarily into strong winds and was much more uphill than downhill. Poor choice on my part. Had to work on that last mile and still only dropped 10 seconds from the one before it. Oh well. 2 miles easy, then two cutting down... in the books. Left shin bugging me and both hamstring tendons bugging me. Chiropractor today, CES appointment tomorrow.
T25 Beta Core
T25 Alpha Speed
Chiropractor Appointment (dry needling on hip flexors and left shin, deep hip flexor stretch, vibe plate)

Tuesday, June 23rd
Rest day (Planned to do some T25, but I felt like trash all day so I took a full day of rest instead. Went to bed before 8:00!)

Wednesday, June 24th
4M easy + 2 strides. [MVCC, Stinson, DP 73, H 79%, T 80.1] Average pace was 8:41. 8:52, 8:40, 8:33, 8:36. I started the run faster than I have been since I ran it with Jake, so that mile felt a bit uncomfortable, but for the second and third mile, my breathing was under control and I felt decent (legs are still heavy). I rolled my ankle on the last mile and after that I started struggling again. Up to that point, the last mile decent as well. Hamstring tendons and left shin are still my main/only aches.
T25 Alpha Cardio
T25 Beta Total Body

Thursday, June 25th
4M progressive - 2M easy, 1M moderate, 1M hard. [Track, Lunar Glide, DP 71.4, H 88%, T 75.2] Average pace was 8:08. 9:05, 8:50, 7:35, 7:03. I learned two things on today's run. One, I think 8:50s to 9:10s is truly my easy pace right now (at least in our current weather). I jogged for a good 15 minutes prior to starting this run, but when I finished my "easy effort" miles, I still wound up with those splits. They did not feel too easy, either. Two, I haven't quite learned moderate effort level yet. I know easy and I know hard, so I've been running easy, easy, hard, hard with extra digging. Today's third mile is honestly what I should be running for my last mile, given that the last mile should be around tempo effort. I just haven't found that "in-between" effort so I'm left with no option but to dig deep if I want to cut down on that final mile. At any rate, pains were about the same today. Still only dealing with the left shin and both hamstring tendons.

Friday, June 26th
Rest day
Chiropractor Appointment

Saturday, June 27th
4M easy + 2 strides. [MVCC, Stinson, DP 73, H 88%, T 77] Forgot my garmin, so I just ran 35 minutes. I rolled my ankle and felt it pretty bad mid shin on the outside, but I was still able to finish the run. Did my two strides, but they felt forced and awkward. Starting a strength plan next week - 2 days in the gym, 3 days of T25 videos.

Sunday, June 28th
6M easy. 9:08, 8:38, 8:35, 8:25, 8:06, 8:01. [WRL, Stinson, DP 73, H 88%, T 77] Average pace was 8:29. Finally a run that truly felt easy! I have been calling my daily runs "easy", but they have not been feeling easy. Today's run finally felt like a true easy run! For some reason it felt very cool, but it was only a couple degrees cooler than usual. I think it was less humid. At any rate, I was worried my splits would be 9:30's today because it felt so relaxed during the run! My hamstring tendons are a major problem still though, as are my shins (both of them now). Back to the chiropractor tomorrow, so hopefully they can help!

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