"Week 10" (20M / 6 runs)

Things were going great up until I got sick. When I was coming back from that, my third "run" back was incredible. My shins and butt felt significantly better than they had in months. I decided that's what I want my runs to be like at this point. I'm not a competitive runner right now, not anywhere remotely close. I'm in no rush to gain fitness. I want to feel GOOD on my runs. I want them to be enjoyable right now. I do not want to spend my runs asking myself, "should I keep going?" or "is this bone?". I understand there will always be aches, but I want to do better at staying ahead of them while I'm still running on my own time.

Sunday, August 18th
3M easy run.

Monday, August 17th
10' moderate run during team practice in the morning.
General strength #1 + 20' easy run during lunch.

Tuesday, August 18th
30' power walk in the morning.
General strength #2 + 15' HIIT bike + 15' run during lunch. (2 sets of 10" all out, 30" rest during bike)

Wednesday, August 19th
25' high HR elliptical + 5' high HR stair climber in the morning.
20' with 7 x 600m run, 100m walk included. 91", 76", 72", 67", 63", 61", 61", then jogged to finish out the time. The first one is essentially a wake up lap, so this gave me 1800m at about 5:55 pace. Pretty sweet. I have been running these with the mindset that if I'm not relaxed while running hard, I'm not getting max benefit; so my main focus on them is to keep my form relaxed and my effort controlled. My right shin started hurting on the second to last one, but it felt fine finishing out the time jogging.

Thursday, August 20th
General strength #1 + 15' HIIT bike. (2 sets of 10" all out, 30" rest)
60' sports massage.

Friday, August 21st
4M run in the morning. Ran on a 2M rolling loop; 16:38 and 15:15 for the two loops.
General strength #2 + 30' walk during lunch.

Saturday, August 22nd
6M run in the morning. First mile solo, then joined Jake's girls. 8:17 for the average pace. 8:46, 8:30, 8:03, 7:54, 8:20, 8:06. Ran 2.5M out with the group, then turned around with one of his girls who had surgery this summer so we backed off for a while after we first turned around. I was thankful. :)
General Strength + 15' HIIT bike + 15' walk in the afternoon.

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