Week 8 - Sick!! (10M / 3 runs)

Down week!

Monday, August 3rd
Rest day

Tuesday, August 4th
3M easy. [Track, Hokas, DP 68, H 65%, T 81]. Average pace was 8:42. 9:06, 8:41, 8:18. This run felt like a marathon. No joke! I felt like I was running completely on empty! Thankfully, my foot was fine today, which is way more important than feeling good! :) Butt and shins are the big issues still.
4 x 100m strides. Started easy and kept them all very controlled. Didn't want to strain as the last time I did I stirred up my Pectineus. 27, 25, 23, 21.
2M easy. [Treadmill, Launch 2]. Average pace was 8:23. 8:27, 8:19. Felt much better energy-wise on this run. Butt and shins still an issue. 
Weights. 3 x 5 reps.

Wednesday, August 5th
Rest day

Thursday, August 6th
3M easy. [Track, Launch 2]. Average pace was 8:56. 9:31, 8:52, 8:24. Still feeling completely, terribly, totally awful. Heavy legs that feel like lead. Weak body, etc. etc.
2M easy. 17:00 on the gravel trail at DBU. Felt terrible still. Plus stomach cramps from being hungry.

Friday, August 7th
3M easy.
4 x 100m strides.
2M easy.
Rest day - Sick; flu-like virus or strep... doc says it will last a week or so.

Saturday, August 8th
Rest day - Sick

Sunday, August 9th
6M easy.
Rest day - Sick

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