Recovering from a nasty cold! (12M / 4 runs)

Sunday, February 14th
Rest day. Still sick.

Monday, February 15th
Rest day. Still sick.

Tuesday, February 16th.
20' yoga. Feeling a little better - might run tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 17th

1M run in the neighborhood in the morning. Heel hurt; stomach hurt. Stopped when I got back to the house.
3M run in the neighborhood in the afternoon. No heel problems. Stomach still hurt, but got it in.

Thursday, February 18th
4M run on the Katy Trail. Finally feeling good. No time, but HR was good for the entire run.

Friday, February 19th
4M run on the track. Super windy and humid, but still a good run.

Saturday, February 20th
Rest day.

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