Finally feeling better! (18M / 5 runs)

Sunday, February 21st
4M in the neighborhood. Slight calf pain, but still felt pretty good today.

Monday, February 22nd
5M on the Katy Trail. Felt really nice today, but had to go to the bathroom extremely bad after the first mile. They really need port-o-potties out there.

Tuesday, February 23rd
Rest day.

Wednesday, February 24th
3M in the neighborhood. Miserable run. Super, super windy. Felt really tired; legs were heavy.

Thursday, February 25th
3M on the track. Worse than yesterday. Planned to do 4M, but ended up walking 200m of the last lap on my third mile so I decided to stop. Stomach was eating itself I was so hungry. Legs were tight and heavy, and my back hurt. Going to drink more water today and stretch later as well. Might try to bike this afternoon.

Friday, February 26th
Rest day

Saturday, February 27th
30' with 20' running, 10' walking.

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