Planned down week (15M / 4 runs)

Sunday, February 7th
Rest day. Perfect timing as I'm trying to kick the start of a cold before it's too late.

Monday, February 8th
Lunge matrix + 3' jog + leg swings.
4M in neighborhood (mostly flat loop). 33:35 / 8:24 avg pace / 173 avg HR. Still trying to hold the cold back. Wind was 20mph and temp was 39... AKA not ideal. No splits because auto split was still turned off.
No drills due to sore achilles. 4 x Gideon's strides.

Tueseday, February 9th
Rest day. Not feeling well.

Wednesday, February 10th
4M moderate on the hilly road in Columbus.

Thursday, February 11th
3M easy on the hotel treadmill.

Friday, February 12th
4M quick at Memorial Park. 4 fast strides on the paved track afterwards.

Saturday, February 13th
Rest day. Sick!!

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