it's officially summer!

that means time to really start focusing on getting ready for cross country!

the summer and winter breaks are honestly my favorite parts of the year as far as training goes. i love getting away, doing the training, taking care of the small things, and coming back for the next season ready to surprise everyone. and i love taking my time. i can spend 3 hours on my training each day if i want to just taking care of the details that get overlooked during the busy part of the season.

with my stress fracture still on edge, i'm not biking or swimming or anything until next week. at that point, i'll spend a week swimming and then another 2 weeks swimming and biking. then i'd like to begin so gentle, grass runs in early july. we'll see though. definitely don't want to over-do anything yet. not worth it at all!

on tap for this week:

monday, may 31st: 30' arm cycle with 20 x 15" hard, 15" easy in the middle
upper body weights
light core work

tuesday, june 1st: heavy core work

wednesday, june 2nd: 30' aqua jog in the deep end (this was a little more bothersome than i expected it to be for my foot, so i'm planning to try the stationary bike, with NO surges, on friday instead of swimming again... we'll see if that's any better!)
myrtl routine

thursday, june 3rd: 30' arm cycle with 3 x 5' hard, 5' easy
upper body weights
light core work

friday, june 4th: 20' recumbent bike... all constant effort... no pick-ups!
big 12

saturday, june 5th: myrtl routine

sunday, june 6th: heavy core work
general body strength (all at home... no weights)

*Good week, but wish I were more confident about how much I can/ should be doing right now. Definitely don't want to prolong this healing, but no need to be wasting time either... I'm ready to be training!

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  1. 1) two cheers for summer :)
    2) you are my hero with all that crazy arm cycling
    3) (just for smiles) i was organizing/cleaning my room and as i went through all my old letters/cards/notes I realized that about 90% of them were from you haha :)