Chile Pepper Week!!

Monday, October 11th
[morning HR: 50]
*60' aquajog w/ 30",1',2',3',4',5',6' ladder & back down (1' rest)
*30' hard stationary bike
*3 x 8 lower leg strength
*3 x 8 chin-ups and dips
*1 x 60" pedestal routine

Tuesday, October 12th
[morning HR: 51]
*4M run
where- golf course in Grand Prairie
avg pace/ avg pace per mile- 7:36/ 8:22, 7:30, 7:25, 7:06
comments- felt pretty good, but my shoes are soaked now!! will definitely have to find a different golf course for my easy runs. this one was not well-maintained and was a hassle to get around on. thankful to get in another run though!!
*4 x strides
*1 x 60" pedestal routine
*20' aquajog (just to get in 6M worth of work for the morning)
*Jay Johnson's back routine
*the big 12
*30' stationary bike

Wednesday, October 13th
[morning HR: 48]
---dizzy/ light headed in morning---
*1.5M warm up
*3M of 3',2',1' alternating between race pace and recovery
where- Fish Creek Trail
avg pace/ avg pace per segment-6:39/ 5:50 (3'), 8:01 (2'), 5:59 (1'), 7:43 (3'), 5:50 (2'), 8:25 (1'), 5:56 (3'), 8:07 (2'), 5:39 (1'), 6:48 (2'... finishing out 3M)
comments- i actually kind of liked this workout. the 3' segments were tough, but when they were over, the next 9' went by like nothing. it would be a fun workout to do with a partner, i think. definitely could've gone farther today... maybe i should've gone harder on the recovery segments? i'll know better next time!
*1.5M cool down
*5' bike to warm-up
*3 x 6 general body strength (slow)
*30' progressive bike

Thursday, October 14th
[morning HR: 50]
---dizzy/ light headed in morning---
Rest day for health's sake?

Friday, October 15th
[morning HR: 49]
*5k easy course run in Fayettville, Arkansas
comments- felt pretty horrible. was ready to stop about 800m in. just heavy legs and and tight chest and arms. maybe i'm just tired from not working out yesterday and sitting on a bus all day. not worried about tomorrow though. bad days come... but they also go. :)

Saturday, October 16th
[morning HR: 57]
*16' warm up, drills, 2' easy, 2' tempo, 4' easy, 2 x strides
*5k race
total time- 18:23
avg pace per mile- 5:59, 5:53, 5:57
comments- learned my lesson the hard way today. ALWAYS listen to your coach. get out hard when the race is big and course is narrow. felt great during the second mile, so just have to get out well enough for that to be worth something.

Sunday, October 17th
[morning HR: 54]
Rest day.

Total mileage for the week: about 19.
Total mileage in x-training (10'=1M): 15.
Total number of runs: 4.

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