Getting more used to this 3-day cycle.

Monday, October 18th
[morning HR: 49]
*5M naturally progressive on Merrifield Road
*4 x strides on grass
avg pace/ total time- 6:28/ 32:20
avg pace per mile- 7:25, 6:54, 6:27, 5:53, 5:42
comments- good run. felt tired jogging over to merrifield, but tried to shuffle through it so i could feel warm enough to run a decent pace from the start. it worked! felt really relaxed for the first 3 miles, then figured i should go since i won't be running again until wednesday. crazy to think that i can run the last 2 miles of a 5 mile run an entire minute faster than my high school pr now. hahah!
*3x6 general strength... not as heavy!
---ice bath---
*30' stationary bike
*2 x 45" pedestal routine
(felt good. not too tired and not sore at all.)

Tuesday, October 19th
[morning HR: 53]
*60' aquajog w/ 2 sets of 10 x 1' hard, 1' recovery
(exhausted and weak from the start. not sore, just drained- if that makes sense.)
*Jay Johnson back routine
*1 x 45" H core routine
*1 x 45" pedestal routine
*30' stationary bike
(still worn out. eating extra today... hopefully it helps)

Wednesday, October 20th
[morning HR: 47]
*2M warm up
*4 x 1M at race pace, 2' rest
*1.75M cool down
where- Fish Creek Trail
mile times- 6:05, 5:56, 5:56, 5:52
comments- not a bad workout at all for how weak i've been feeling. definitely ran them the hard way... pushed it too hard the first 800m of each mile and then paid for it on the last 800m! but finally learned my lesson for the last rep and it felt much better! so glad to have another workout in!
*general strength workout
(ice bath. and definitely ate too much last night!)
---massage. crazy painful, but so needed.---

Thursday, October 21st
[morning HR: 48]
*6M run
where- mountain view community college
avg pace/ total time: 7:37/ 45:41
avg pace per mile-9:01, 8:21, 7:25, 7:07, 6:52, 6:54
comments- random sore spots on my legs (not even full muscles... just random spots!) from last night's massage. definitely felt more loose in my shoulders though which was nice. perfect place to run in the mornings for an easy day. almost entirely on grass and great footing.
*4 x strides
*30' stationary bike

Friday, October 22nd
[morning HR: 48]
*60' aquajog w/ 3',5',7',7',5',3' and 5 x 30"hard,30"recovery

Saturday, October 23rd
[morning HR: 51]
*9' easy, drills, 1' easy, 2' up tempo, 4' easy
*4 x 800m cruise w/ 200m jog recovery, 2 x 800m hard w/ 3' jog recovery
*5k cool down
where- Jackson MS
times- 2:52, 2:53, 2:52, 2:53, 2:45, 2:44
comments- nice workout... went by extremely fast with such a quick recovery. all in all, no complaints. a bit windy today, but not bad enough to ruin things. was nice to get on the track for a change though!
*Mucho's core workout
*2 x 45" pedestal routine

Sunday, October 24th
[morning HR: 52]
*5M at Mountainview Community College
avg pace/ total time- 7:42/ 38:35
avg pace per mile- 9:39, 7:32, 7:12, 7:15, 6:57
comments- got to run with jake for the first three miles!! the second mile was too big of a jump in pace for me and got me out of breath pretty fast. had to ease up some on the 4th mile but felt good after i got my feet back underneath me!
*4 x strides
*30' stationary bike
*1 x 45" H core routine

total mileage for the week: 31M.
total mileage in x-training (10'=1M): 18M.
total number of runs: 5 runs.

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  1. hi rachel, thanks for the comment! i used to live in the dallas area (went to undergrad at tcu) and am fairly familiar with the area. i was just planning to hit up white rock for most of my runs. however, i'm always on the lookout for soft surfaces so if you know of any of those i'd be interested.