Heartland Conference Championships... THIS week!!

Monday, November 1st
[morning HR: 46]
*20' warm up.
*4 x 200m (200m jog recovery), (800m jog recovery), 2M tempo, (800m jog recovery), 4 x 200m (200m jog recovery).
*10' cool down.
*Mucho's strength & core workout.
where- Jackson Middle School track
times- 38, 38, 36, 36, 11:41, 36, 36, 35, 35
comments- good workout. loved how short it was. the 2oo's felt very controlled and the 2M actually felt very relaxed up until the last 800m. pleased with the workout this morning. felt nice and light and strong during my cool down- a nice change from the heavy/ dead legs i've been dealing with lately. also a huge blessing to be able to practice with tabb again---- makes an incredible difference!
---ice bath!!---
*15' stationary bike, 15' elliptical.

Tuesday, November 2nd
[morning HR: 50]
*60' elliptical.
(major stomach pains in the morning and storms mid-day kept me from getting to the pool)
*30' aquajog.

Wednesday, November 3rd
[morning HR: 47]
*6M naturally progressing.
where- Fish Creek Trail
comments- felt good this morning aside from tight calves (probably from wearing spikes for 5 miles on monday!). the cold weather and rain definitely provided for some good distractions and a nice "wake-up" call! :) no strides this morning on accident... totally forgot about them for some reason?!
*Jay Johnson back routine.
*strength & core workout.

Thursday, November 4th
[morning HR: 47]
*core workout.
*60' aqua jog w/ 5 x 5' hard, 2' hard, 30" hard (1' recovery between each).
off- traveling to Wichita, Kansas!

Friday, November 5th
[morning HR: 49]
resting... going to be extra fresh for the race this week!
(definitely did NOT sleep well last night. ended up on the fold-out couch for my bed and couldn't fall asleep until 2AM when i finally turned on my zune. bummer!)
*6k course run in 29:09... LOVE LOVE LOVE this course!!!
*4 x strides.

Saturday, November 6th
[morning HR: 47]
*9' easy, drills, 9' easy, leg swings, 1' easy, 2' uptempo, 3' easy, 3 x strides.
*Conference Championships- 6k race.
*23' cool down.
where- wichita, ks... great course, but several deceiving hills.
total time/ avg pace- 22:18/ 5:58
comments- definitely not the time i was hoping for, but still a good experience. got the chance to practice going out fast (first mile was the most downhill & had the least wind, but came through at 5:36) and had tabb to work with up until the last 800m. the wind/ hill on the last 800 knocked it out of me, but she held strong! a bid upset that i didn't run as competitively as i should've as there was no competition for nearly a minute behind me, but i'll just have to move on and trust the work we've done. got to be ready to throw it all on the line in two weeks...

Sunday, November 7th
[morning HR: 46]
*light core workout.
*3 x 45" pedestal routine.

mileage for the week: 27.
cross training mileage for the week (10'=1M): 18.
total number of runs: 4.

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