RACE TIME-- University of Washington Indoor!

Sunday, February 6th

Monday, February 7th
warm up drills + 2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
6M easy + 6 x 30-30-- I really eased into today's run. It was really windy on the open roads and my body is still worn down, so I figured a solid recovery day would be best. Ended up averaging 8:14 pace for the run.
warm down drills
2 x 30"  H-Core

Tuesday, February 8th
[15' shakeout + LOTS of stretching + the big 12]
3M warm up + warm up drills
4 x 200 + 2M tempo + 4 x 200--- The 200's were all at 36.xx except for the 8th one, which was 37.19! Haha! The 2M tempo was 12:17 and was run at a pretty even pace all the way through. Very, very windy day!
10' warm down

Wednesday, February 9th
45' stationary bike
lots of stretching!!

Thursday, February 10th
30' easy at the Dempsey- I felt really weak/ worn down tonight, but a long day of travel could definitely cause that! I'm not worried... I'd rather have an "off" day today and get it over with before tomorrow night! :)
2 x 20m neuromuscular drills
6 x 100m strides

Friday, February 11th
[10' AM shakeout on the streets in Seattle!]
25' warm up
5k race- 17:20 goal. Bombed it... 18:08. I kept it steady through 2 miles and fell apart there. Definitely not for lack of effort. I truly felt like I gave everything at the finish.... and that is what disappoints me the most about this race. I did have stomach/digestive issues tonight, but I certainly cannot blame the race on that. You can watch it at www.flotrack.org. Look for heat 1 of the Women's 5k at the Husky Invitational.
14' cool down.

Saturday, February 12th
87' progressive long run. I ran the first 40' alone and then met up with Tabb to finish out the last 47'. If our measurements were close we averaged about 7:45 for the 25' and right around 7:00 pace for the last 3 miles. Very, very pretty morning with some pleasant weather here in Seattle.

Weekly Mileage: about 39M of pure running... plus 4.5M x-training equivalent.
Total Runs for the Week: 7... if you include the 10-15' shakeouts!

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