ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10k

Sunday, February 20th
Rest from NCCAA Championships... although travel and school work allowed for very little of it!

Monday, February 21st
6M naturally progressive + 6 x 8" hill sprints
Nice run with the first three with my wonderful husband, Jake. The way back was windy but mostly downhill. Averaged 6:48 pace for the run with a breakdown of 7:39, 7:14, 7:04, 6:24, 6:09, 6:19. Got the hill sprints in with solid effort.
3 x (5 arm reach plank, 5 twist side plank, 10 bridge lifts, 10 arm press with lunge)

Tuesday, February 22nd
big 12 + Jay Johnson's back routine + 50 x v-sit russian twists
3M warm up + 15 x 1' @ RP, 1' recovery + 1.5M cool down- Another workout in the books! The workout was very taxing on my calves and IT band as the gravel was loose and thick and there were several tight turns during the surges. Got in 4.5M on the workout (averaging 6:39) for a total of 9M for the day. Paces for the surges- 5:37, 5:08, 5:21, 5:25, 5:37, 5:21, 5:11, 5:22, 5:32, 5:16, 5:06, 5:22, 5:43, 5:21, 5:06. Each loop on the trail took up 4 surges/recoveries, which shows in the slower surges which all required crossing the bridge on the trail!
3 x 6 [body squats, forward walking lunges, backward walking lunges]

Wednesday, February 23rd
6M conversational. Ran these entirely on grass at the Mansfield Sports Complex. Very nice day for a recovery run. Averaged 7:58 for the run.

Thursday, February 24th
6M with 1x12' tempo. Ran the first 3M around Grand Prairie averaging 7:34 pace, continued onto the track and started the tempo halfway through the first lap. I ended up averaging 6:02 pace for the tempo and 6:54 pace for the last mile for a total run average of 6:52. Nice effort and under control despite the ridiculous winds. Another day in the books!
3 x 6 [body squats, forward walking lunges, backward walking lunges] 
60 x v-sit russian twists, 1 x plank to exhaust, 30 x sit-ups, 8 x catback swayback

Friday, February 25th
4M pre-race + 6 x 100m in flats
[10' shakeout and drills]

Saturday, February 26th
40' off-and-on warm up, ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run 10k, 1.5M cool down- Finished in 3rd (for the women) with 37:47 for an average pace of 6:04. I came through the 5k at 18:40, hit the hills, and forced my way through the wind and hills of the last 5k in 19:07. Definitely not too thrilled with the second half of this race. My goal was to run 6 minute pace and I was right on target for the first half... Just wish I had been more aware of the course in advance. Better for next year though, right?! Now 2 full weeks to get in some quality work!

Total Mileage: 43 on my FEET!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Total # of Runs: 6!!!!!! DOUBLE YEAHHHHHH!!!!!

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