First week of no racing in FOREVER!!!

That means it's time to hit the training full force!!!

Sunday, February 27th
Rest... Recovering from last week and yesterday's race; getting ready for the week ahead! :)

Monday, February 28th
[AM: 20 x Around the World Core, 1 x Myrtyl Routine]
6M + 6x8" hill sprints... Another nice progression run on Merrifield, despite the crazy wind! I was averaging 7:08 pace at the 3M turnaround and ended up finishing the run with an average of 6:39 pace. The mile breakdown went 7:34, 7:10, 6:39, 6:20, 6:07, 6:07. Got in some solid hill sprints and stretching after the run. **Shout-out to my husband Jake who ran the first 2M with me! :) Thanks, handsome!! Love you!**

Tuesday, March 1st
3M warm up
2 x (10x400m) @ 5k-3k pace, 1' recovery/4' recovery between sets. Got in another solid workout! Splits ranged from 82 to 75. First set: 82-82-81-80-79-79-80-79-79-79. Spent the 4' recovery running to and from the restroom at the M.S. Second set: 80-80-78-79-78-76-78-79-78-75.
3 x 6 (body squats, forward walking lunges, backward walking lunges)
2' quality plank, 30 x sit-ups, 60 x v-sit russian twists

Wednesday, March 2nd
9M easy. I ran from my apartment to the Mansfield Sport's Complex (1M away and endless options of grass fields to run on!). The run averaged 7:56 pace and felt great up until the last 1/2 mile or so when my joints got a little achy. Other than that, it was a very  nice comfortable recovery day.

Thursday, March 3rd
80 x russian twists, 80 x flutter kicks, Jay Johnson's back routine, big 12
6M + 6x100m in flats. Average of 7:32 pace today. Spent almost the entire 6M on DBU's grass track... definitely fatigued and heavy today... which I expected would happen as I transitioned into more running. Just have to tough it out a few weeks and things will turn around!

Friday, March 4th
1.5 warm up, 2 x 3k tempo loop w/ 2' recovery, 1M warm down. Very short, light day but enough quality work to get my heart rate up and get in some good effort! Loops showed up as 1.81M in 11:07 (6:09 pace) and 11:02 (6:07 pace) respectively. Now time to rest up for next week!!

Saturday, March 5th
Rest! And time to celebrate being married to the most wonderful man in the world for a full year!!! :)

Total Mileage for the Week: about 36M!

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