NCCAA Indoor Championships

Sunday, February 13th
Rest and travel... A VERY long day off of VERY little sleep! Thankful that I did my long run yesterday!

Monday, February 14th
90" quality plank
50 quality v-sit russian twist
60' stationary bike
myrtyl routine

Tuesday, February 15th
3M easy + warm up drills + 2 x 60m sprints
16 x 400- hammer #2,7,11,15 (60" recovery)... Solid workout and very under control. Thankful for the warmer weather! 81,78, 81, 81, 80, 80, 76, 79, 80, 79, 78, 79, 79, 79, 76, 78. May have had 5-10" extra rest for the first 8 as the recovery started when the last girl finished. Completed the workout solo, so rest is accurate there.
13' warm down

Wednesday, February 16th
30' easy- Ran through the trails (SUPER windy day) with Linet and very much enjoyed the chance to catch up with her! Ended up averaging 7:45 pace but that's with the first and last 1/2 miles as true recovery. Most of the run 7:15 to 7:20 pace.
6 x 100m strides- Ran these in the parking lot so didn't get in a full 100m. Each stride was 14-15" and they averaged 4:21 pace.
around the world core before bed

Thursday, February 17th
warm up drills + 45' stationary bike
90" plank, 25 x v-sit russian twist

Friday, February 18th
warm up drills
30' comfortable with the team in Indiana
neuro drills + 6 x hard strides + stretching

Saturday, February 19th
23' warm up + drills and strides + 5k race (18:07) + 12' cool down
10' warm up + strides + 3k race (10:34) +10' cool down
Neither race is a time that I am proud of. The 5k is a PR, but I didn't "compete" well and let the leader have it from the gun. The 3k was better as far as competing, but a much slower race/time. I'm definitely disappointed in my indoor season, but I'm just going to hope that all this training pays off in outdoor.

Weekly Mileage: 28 running + 10.5 x-training equivalent = 39M
Runs for the Week: 5.

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