It's a new week! Rice 10k on Friday!

 Sunday, March 20th
75' w/ 10 x 2' uptempo on a 5' cycle starting 25' in. Ran at River Legacy Park in Arlington, which was nice for blocking the sun and wind! Lots of turning for fast surges though... not sure it's the best location for a fartlek style workout!

Monday, March 21st
6M progressive on Merrifield + 8 x hill sprints. I finished the run in 39:44 today, with a breakdown of 7:41, 7:11, 6:41, 6:14, 6:07, 5:47. Finally hitting my normal paces again. My legs still feel tight and heavy, but I'm encouraged that I am at least able to run typical paces. I had been getting worried about Rice considering I couldn't even get down to 10k race pace for a 3k on Saturday! Today was a good, though hot and windy, day.
2 x 30" H-Core routine + 3 x 6 upper body and lower body weights

Tuesday, March 22nd
3M warm up w/ 90", 60", 30" surges at the end
1600 (400j), 1200 (400j), 1000 (200j), 800 (200j), 600 (200j), 400 (200j), 200. EXTREMELY windy conditions, so the workout was adjusted to start at 10k pace and work down by feel. Times came out to 6:01, 4:44, 3:38, 2:47, 2:01, 75, 34. Nothing special in today's workout, but it gave me a lot of confidence regardless. I felt very comfortable and strong for the entire workout, so the paces were perfect. Just need to get my hip healthy!!

Wednesday, March 23rd
Rest day for the week! (I usually take the day after a race off, but this week we will be at Rice so I'd like to do a run there on Saturday morning!!! It's one of my favorites places to run! Plus I took my rest day last week on Tuesday, so it's been a full 7 days already!)

Thursday, March 24th
35' run + 6 x 100m strides + 3 x 30" pedestal routine. Very short and simple day of training... hopefully I'll be feeling strong and ready tomorrow night for the race! Stopped by the chiropractor on my way out for another quick adjustment!

Friday, March 25th
warm up drills + 15' easy + neuromuscular drills + 2'E, 1'H, 1'E, 1'H
10k race in 37:11. I'm actually really pleased with this race. I am excited because I have been sick for a week now and was feeling much worse today (AKA I ran straight to the port-a-porty from the finish line) so I was really focusing on a conservative start; consequently, I negative split the race. I feel very sure that I could've at least run 1" faster/lap during the first 5k, and hopefully in the next race I'll have girls to pull me during the 2nd 5k. There's no question in my mind though... the 10k is a MUCH better race for me mentally than the 5k or 3k.

Saturday, March 26th
90' easy with 5 x 1'hard, 4' easy

Mileage for the Week: 48M


  1. Thanks!! I'm not sure how you knew, but thanks! It was fun to run a longer race on the track!