UTA 5k is up this week...

....looking for 17:55 or better!

Sunday, March 27th
50' relaxed in River Legacy Trails.

Monday, March 28th
6M on Merrifield + 8 x hill sprints + 2 x 30" H-core + 3 x 6 weights. Very pleasant day today as far as the weather goes! Got the run done in 38:43 and it felt very nice. Splits were 7:29, 6:58, 6:32, 6:06, 5:57, 5:39. I can't explain how thankful I am to the Lord for blessing me with such great health and the opportunity to be training right now.

Tuesday, March 29th
Rest day. This was supposed to be on Wednesday, but crummy weather and a chaotic schedule made the switch almost imperative. No loss though! In fact, it's probably for the better because now I can do my strength work after the workout rather than on my off day!

Wednesday, March 30th
25' warm up + 2 x (12 x 1' hard, 1' recovery). Ran this around campus and got in the full workout. I feel like the surges got stronger throughout the run as I begin to loosen up, but my stomach was so unsettled and mentally the workout was a struggle. Ready to be done with exams and job interviews...
2 x 60" pedestal routine + 2 x (15 x reverse crunches, crunches, russian twists) + 3 x 6 weights.

Thursday, March 31st
35' w/ last 15' tempo + 8 x 100m strides

Friday, April 1st
35' w/ 6 x 30",30" at the end. Feeling VERY heavy and tight today, but I'm pretty sure it's from sickness, not training... I've had a "natural" down week with the way races lined up. Just need to rest up and get healthy before tomorrow night!
3 x 30" pedestal routine + 3 x 15 (crunches, reverse crunches, russian twists)

Saturday, April 2nd
15:30 warm up + 2M (11:44) out of the 5k race. No cool down. Sick. Felt awful. Dropped out at 2M so I wouldn't dig myself in any bigger of a hole before Texas Relays. First time I've ever dropped out of race. And I feel absolutely miserable... my whole body. Yuck.

Total Mileage for the Week: 35.

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