1st week of no racing in a long time!

Sunday, April 10th
Rest day!

Monday, April 11th
15' shakeout to start the day... beautiful weather!
6M naturally progressive + 8x8" hill sprints. 39:52 for the run with splits of 7:48, 7:04, 6:31, 6:16, 6:10, 6:00. So thankful to get all of this in today... the weather was nice (windy, but at least not hot!) and I finally had an opportunity to run without being stressed by other things. God is good.
3x6 weights + 25x "around the world" core

Tuesday, April 12th
15' shakeout to wake up the body and get loose... another very pretty morning in Mansfield!
3M wu w/ 4x30" surges at the end + 6x1k repeats (2:30 recovery) + 5' cd. Another run with great weather... definitely hot outside, but at least not windy! 1k reps came out to 3:36, 3:36, 3:32, 3:30, 3:26, 3:22. Very thankful for this workout.. God has been so good to me.

Wednesday, April 13th
8M easy on grass in Mansfield. Averaged 8:08 for the run with a natural progression of paces from 9:01, 8:16, 8:11, 8:02, 7:58, 7:53, 7:37. Definitely a very relaxed and comfortable run, but I imagine it was good for me anyways!
3x6 strength + 2x30" H-core

Thursday, April 14th
15' shakeout... definitely looking like it's going to be a rainy day! YES!!!
35' recovery run on the grass track.. got in 4.5M averaging 7:50 pace. Felt pretty good today aside from my hip. It never stopped hurting, but today it has been considerably worse. Chiropractor is next up!!
8x120m strides in spikes on the grass... timed the last one with my garmin. They were all about 470ft (however many meters that is?) and just faster than 4:00 pace.

Friday, April 15th
2M wu + 6k progressive tempo + 2.5M cd. AWFULLY windy today (from all directions?!), so I was thankful we were not on the track! Got in the tempo averaging 6:10 pace for the entire run. My first loop was at 6:11 pace and my second at 6:09. The online training pace calculator I used said I needed my tempo between 6:12 and 5:57 for a 36:30 10k, so that was my goal. I imagine, with the weather accounted for, I was right in the middle of that range.
3x6 weights + 50 v-sit russian twists + 90" plank + 2x60" pedestal routine.

Saturday, April 16th
82' on trails at River Legacy. I was very tired and unmotivated at the start, so I knew I was running slow and I was afraid the run would take forever.... so, I decided to throw in a small 1' pick-up on a 10' cycle. Sure enough after the first 2, I started to feel better and had to force myself to slow back down after the pick-ups! After my 1' at the 70' mark I went ahead and finished out the run at the faster pace, which felt great. I'm really happy with the way I did this run, because it left me feeling good and wanting more.

Weekly Mileage: 49

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