It's a battle: the flu vs. Texas Relays

Sunday, April 3rd
off... sick. probably the flu.

Monday, April 4th
35' easy. no strides. still feeling icky, but at least stronger today.

Tuesday, April 5th
30' easy with 5x1' surges. The run ended up about 3.8 miles averaging 7:51 with surges at 6:22, 6:50, 6:45, 5:48, 5:50. Felt tired and weak still but by the end of the run I was loosening up and getting more comfortable.

Wednesday, April 6th
10' easy, warm up drills, 10' w/ 1'h, 1'e, 2'h, 2'e, 1'h, 1'e, drills, strides
5k race in 18:31. Not much to say. Excuses are never good to offer, and obviously I am more fit than 18:31, so I'll leave it to all of you to come up with your own reasoning for my poor race. I have mine, but I'll keep them to myself. Regardless... I have 3 more races of collegiate running. Something has to change.
20' cool down

Thursday, April 7th
35' easy + 8 x 100m build-ups. Felt like I was running in quick sand. Pure and simple.

Friday, April 8th
3' to Merrifield + 6M w/ 90" surge to start miles 2-6 + 3' to the gym. The 6 miles took 41:00 and the paces break down into 8:17 (1st mile), 6:20/ 7:30, 6:27/ 7:13, 6:12/ 6:33, 5:43/ 6:43, 5:39/ 6:24 (90" surge/ finishing out the mile). Not as bad of a run as they've been feeling but I was pretty well suffocating on the way back with the heat!!
3 x 6 weights, 25 x around the world core

Saturday, April 9th
78' nice and relaxed at WRL. Came through 10M about 75/76 minutes so we figure it was around 7:30 pace. One of the most pleasant runs I've had in a while. Still feel flat and heavy though...

Weekly Mileage: 36.

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