Almost to the bell lap of NCAA racing...

Sunday, April 24th
20' easy on the grass track at DBU after another day of travel.

Monday, April 25th
15' shakeout in the morning.
45' easy run on DBU's gravel path.
8x8" hill sprints.... by far the best hill sprints I have done all year.
3x6 strength work + 25xAround the World Core

Tuesday, April 26th
2M wu + 3 x (3',2',1'-equal recovery) + 2M cd. Got the entire workout in on the streets in Mansfield for a total of 9M. I definitely had a difficult time with pacing and consistency today, but 18' worth of hard running got in, so I'm sure it was not a total failure. Average paces for the surges were 5:55, 5:57, 5:41 - 5:49, 5:39, 5:29 - 5:41, 5:41, 5:10.
20' shakeout with Matt on the grass track in the afternoon.

Wednesday, April 27th
60' easy on the grass in Mansfield. Felt pretty worn down today, but there is a VERY good chance that strong winds and an empty stomach helped in that... :)
3x6 strength + 2x30" H-core routine

Thursday, April 28th
15' shakeout in the morning.
35' w/ last 20' uptempo on the grass track. I'm pumped... this is the first week that I have had NO hip pain on my runs!!
8x120m strides. I felt pretty weak and unstable during these, which was a surprise after such a solid feeling tempo.

Friday, April 29th
15' shakeout EXTREMELY early in the morning... we're talking 5:10AM!!
35' easy on the grass track. I am feeling a bit tight and sore right now, but at least not heavy!
3x30" (v-sit russian twist, pedestal routine)

Saturday, April 30th
10' shakeout in the morning to loosen up for the day.
20' wu + drills + strides + 2M time trial + 5' easy. Ran 11:17. Disappointed in the time, but excited to have run aggressively and practice leading again. 800 splits were 2:46, 2:50, 2:51, 2:49... It would have been interesting to run with someone and to have seen how far I could've held it. Might've been a 5k pr!
strides + 400m relay leg + 5' easy. Not sure of the time, all I know is feel like the biggest goof and idiot when I try to run fast, hahah!

Total Mileage for the Week: about 51.

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