Rice Twilight... Last "fresh" 5k race!!

I say fresh because my only 5k left after this week will be the day after my 10k at the NCCAA Championships! In saying that.... This week is probably my best bet at setting a PR and really getting a picture of my fitness and the progression that I've made this year. I've got nothing to lose at this meet (anything I could qualify for has already been done), so I'm planning to be aggressive and take some chances. I'd REALLY like to be able to log a sub-18 time on here when I get back.

Sunday, April 17th
Rest day!

Monday, April 18th
15' shakeout + leg swings in the morning
6M progressive + 10x8" hill sprints. Ran most of the first mile with the girls and had splits of 8:00, 7:29, 7:02, 6:29, 6:20, and 6:18... nice and controlled today.
3x6 strength + 25 x around the world core

Tuesday, April 19th
15' shakeout + leg swings. This has become a safe haven for me over the past week and a half, regardless of how tired I've been (especially today!). I am falling in love with the chance to run completely relaxed and enjoy the fresh air. It's been a great way to wake up and clear my mind for the day ahead.
15' wu (3x1' surge at the end) + 3 x (4x200) + 15' cd. Today's weather was pretty brutal so the workout got redesigned! We planned on doing the first and last set hard and the middle set cruise. Actual times: 35,35,35,35 - 34,37,35,35 - 33,33,33,32. Finally felt very strong and comfortable on a speed workout... something must be paying off!

Wednesday, April 20th
45' comfortable around Mansfield neighborhoods.
3x6 strength + 2x30" h-core routine

Thursday, April 21st
45' w/ last 15' tempo + 8x20" strides. Had the privilege of running this with my husband on the Town Lake trail in Austin. I felt pretty lethargic and weak on the majority of the run and strides, but the tempo segment felt much better.

Friday, April 22nd
15' shakeout in the morning.
30' easy with Jake in Mansfield. I'm definitely still feeling tired and weak, but I'm hoping several days of feeling like this means that my turn for a "good" day is around the corner... AKA tomorrow, hopefully. :)

Saturday, April 23rd
12' shakeout after the bus ride to Houston.. felt much stronger and lighter than I have been!
25' wu w/ 1',2',1' pick-ups at the end + drills + 4 x strides. Still felt good.. actually felt very springy and quick.
5k race in 18:26. Failure again. Jake says my problem is mental. So that's what I've got to work on, I guess.

Weekly Mileage: about 40M

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