The countdown begins!!

I officially have six weeks until my coach's first training phase begins! On April 1st, I'll be starting a 6 week Intro to Running phase, which will be followed by a 6 week base phase, and then conclude with a 12 week race prep phase for the DRC Half in November. I'm so excited to finally have a plan and a goal!

The tricky part is going to be staying patient. If I want to train consistently beginning April 1st, it's going to be crucial that I take good caution with my foot over these last weeks of cross training and strength building. I'll also need to step up my training a notch, as he has included 60 to 90 minute cardio cross training sessions with every run (I'm not even doing that much without the running!!).

Here's to getting another solid week of work in the tank!

Sunday, February 19th
30' upper body strength (pulling exercises) + 30' bike + 15' elliptical

Monday, February 20th
30' core strength AM
5' jog + 25' bike (2x30",60",90" surges, equal rest)
*Pressed for time due to work today; will try to get in more this evening

Tuesday, February 21st
30' mixed strength + 30' bike + 15' elliptical

Wednesday, February 22nd
20' upper body strength (push exercises) + 60' bike (6 x 3' hard, 3' rec.) + 20' elliptical (5 x 2' hard, 2' recovery)

Thursday, February 23rd
Rest day. 7' easy jog + 15' casual walk through the neighborhood.

Friday, February 24th
20' lower body strength + 45' bike (1',2',3',4',4',3',2',1' on 5' cycle,4x30",30")

Saturday, February 25th
20' core strength + 60' bike + 40' elliptical
**sore  foot today - maybe too much too soon? :(

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