On the road again!

It's time for another week in the office in Houston, so we'll see how that affects time for training. Hopefully I'll still be able to get it all in! If not, maybe it'll be a good blessing in disguise since my foot has been sore again.

Sunday, February 26th
30' upper body strength (pulling exercises) + 20' bike + 30' elliptical

Monday, February 27th
20' mixed strength + 40' bike (10x15"h,45"e; 10x30"h,30"e; 10x45"h,45"e)
20' elliptical PM

Tuesday, February 28th
20' upper body strength (pushing exercises) + 10' jog + 25' bike
45' elliptical PM

Wednesday, February 29th
20' lower body strength + 60' bike + 15' elliptical
10' easy jog PM

Thursday, March 1st
Rest day

Friday, March 2nd
10' upper body strength + 10' elliptical + 30' bike + 10' jog

Saturday, March 3rd
about 1.5M jog (split up - watching Jake compete in a race - he ran a great 1:59 800 followed by a 10k at 5:19 pace after ten  minutes of rest!)

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