First week with running! (10M)

Sunday, March 11th
20' upper body strength + 2M run (7:58, 7:20) + 40' bike

Monday, March 12th
30' bike
15' run with Jake at Tom Bass Park (love running around that lake!) + 20' lower body strength

Tuesday, March 13th
Rest day

Wednesday, March 14th
15' run with Jake at Tom Bass Park + 15' upper body/ core strength

Thursday, March 15th
40' bike
15' run with Jake on the DBU gravel path

Friday, March 16th
15' core/ stretching + 30' bike

Saturday, March 17th
16' run + course running to watch Jake race (1st place in the Dash Down Greenville - So happy for him!)

1 hour 50 minutes cross training; 10M running

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