It's all relative! (30M)

This last week I enjoyed sprinkling my first bouts of quality running: 2x30" hill sprints on Wednesday, 4 x 30" fartlek on Friday, and 4 x alt miles on Saturday. The coming week will be no less exciting (for me) as I move up to 30 miles and continue with the three 'quality' sessions.

I'm titling this week with "it's all relative" because I'm having to remind myself of that with my training! 30 miles a week may not be half of what I was running last fall, but it's infinitely better than the walking boot and biking I was stuck with just 2 months ago. Similarly, many of you probably laughed at me calling 2 x 30" hill sprints and a 4 x30" fartlek quality, but for someone whose done nothing but cross train or run easy since last October; it IS quality and it IS exciting!

Here's to another week of healthy living and smart training!

Sunday, May 13th
50' easy run around Cedar Hill
COMMENTS: Felt good this morning; the pavement got harder on my feet and joints as the run went on, but I'm planning to stay on softer surfaces the next few days and I did not have any specific pains.

Monday, May 14th
45' progressive run at the Boy Scout Camp
COMMENTS: Three of the hilly loops in 42:12 (first two loops relaxed in 30:00, last loop steady), then I finished out the time in the parking lot. My lower back has been aching the past few days, but other than that, no pains or aches to speak of! :) God is good!
30' bike + 3x12 strength workout in the evening

Tuesday, May 15th
35' run on the grass track + 2x100m form drills + 8' abs workout
COMMENTS: Felt amazing on the run this morning. Nice and fresh and smooth, but I still kept things relaxed. I'm excited that consistency is building in my training! Can't wait to see what another 10 weeks of this could do!

Wednesday, May 16th
45' run with 5 x 30" hill sprints in the neighborhood
COMMENTS: I could definitely tell that tomorrow is my day off! I was pretty tired and worn down this morning; but the hill sprints went very well, so if nothing else, I got some quality in there! A little bit of aching in my foot, but nothing major.

Thursday, May 17th
light core and strength workout

Friday, May 18th
41:30 run around GP with 5x200m,400m fartlek @ mile pace on the track + 8' abs workout
COMMENTS: So nice to run with my husband this morning - beautiful (AKA absolutely perfect) weather as well. Got in the first 30ish minutes with Jake and then finished up with the five 200s (37, 38/39 for middle three, 37) and 400m relaxed in between each. Nice workout again, I like the challenge of trying to move fast right now - It's sad how much of a stimulus and challenge 80" pace is after such a long time off! The first interval has been hard both times, but then it gradually feels more natural during the workout.

Saturday, May 19th
40' run on the trails with Jake
COMMENTS: First time out to Prayer Mountain this morning. I definitely enjoyed the scenery; it made for a forced slower run, which is perfect for easy days. I also think running out there once or twice a week (maybe for doubles when I get to them) will help build stabilizing and core strength.

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