Another SIX day week! (24M)

I'm excited to be starting my second six day running week since last October. Every time a stress fracture knocks me down for numerous months, I find myself much more excited about the small things in training - Like running six days! When I'm in the middle of a long season and training has become routine, I don't think twice about going out for that sixth run; but it really is a gift. There's something about getting out in the fresh air and working up a sweat that makes you feel so much better! Not to mention, I know that the more I run, the stronger I will get and the sooner I'll be back to a fitness level that allows me to compete and get back into workouts (which happens to be my favorite part of being a runner!).

This week is an exact repeat of last week, with the exception of my accidental extra mileage last week! :)

Sunday, May 6th
45' easy run around Mountain View Community College + 8' abs workout
COMMENTS: I was EXHAUSTED today and I knew it was coming by the way I felt the past three days. I overslept last night and ended up getting 10 hours of sleep! I felt pretty weak and worn down on the run, but took it so easy that it didn't matter much. It's incredible how fast time goes when you're running compared to biking! :)
30' easy bike through the neighborhood while Jake ran his double

Monday, May 7th
30' core and strength work + 25' bike + 25' elliptical
2M run through the neighborhood at lunch + 2 x 20" form drills
COMMENTS: Very nice run today - I love going out during lunch and running in the sun! Now that I have a 2M loop measured, I don't even have to look at my watch - Just head out and enjoy another day to run!

Tuesday, May 8th
35' run on the grass track + 8' abs workout
COMMENTS: Grateful for the chance to run with my amazing, fast, handsome husband Jake this morning. He even sacrificed and ran the whole run on the grass track since there were dogs on the gravel trail! :) Another day in the books, praise God!
30' bike + 15' elliptical in the evening

Wednesday, May 9th
45' run through the neighborhood with 2x30" hill surges in the middle
COMMENTS: Nice relaxed run this morning with some solid, smooth surges after the first 20 minutes. My joints were real sore and achey at the start, but they loosened up by the end.

Thursday, May 10th
short strength workout + 20' easy bike

Friday, May 11th
4M run with 4x30" fartlek on the track
COMMENTS: Ran on the track and really enjoyed it. The run seemed go by quickly and although 600m of a fartlek is short, I left PUMPED to have run mile pace again! Details from the run - 8:30, 7:52, 7:11, 7:49 with 4x150 (5:20 pace), 250 recovery in the 3rd mile.

Saturday, May 12th
4M run alternating hard/easy miles on the road in Hull
COMMENTS: This was a spontaneous workout on Jake's side and I was happy for a chance to push things bit again! He drove behind me and honked on the miles; I noticed that the "hard" miles felt very fast (as in I couldn't have moved faster), but I felt I could have run the third mile all day long. Definitely still very out of shape, but I'm pumped to have a base-line workout to look back on when I get more in shape. Splits were 7:30, 6:40, 6:53, 6:22.

25M running, 1 hour 55 minutes cross training

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